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  • Which cleat system for the "gravel" bike?
  • curto80

    Can’t really decide between spd-sl and spds. Not really used to spds anymore so they feel a bit weird on the road so I think I’d rather use the spd-sls and just deal with it on the off road sections.

    What do other STWers do?

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Having had an impromptu unplanned off-road walk in spd-sl’s, they wear down real quick.



    Anywalking and you’ll regret road shoes and cleats.

    Time XC8 and S-works XC shoes here. Shoes are as stiff as the road version, but just a bit more versatile.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Same as flashy, but Shimano pedals with a cage

    Use them on Mtbs as well. Road systems have their place, and it’s on road bikes

    Premier Icon djflexure

    Use the Look s track and s works trail shoes


    It would be the same as the MTB for me, any chance your walking and it’s not road shoes.

    Premier Icon Simon

    Time mtb pedals and xc shoes for me on my GT Grade.

    Premier Icon on and on

    Ritchey wcs pedals here with shimano cleats.


    294km ride on road on my bokeh last week in MTB shoes (Bontrager RLXL) they are just as stiff as road shoes, with the added bonus of being able to walk in them


    any chance your walking and it’s not road shoes.

    I would go further and say any chance you’re walking some distance/on rough or awkward terrain, and it’s not spd race type shoes with a rigid sole.

    If you like to explore tracks that you have never ridden before, and you are the type that tends to push on rather than turn back when the track deteriorates, then you may find that you will be better off with shoes that are more capable on those sections where you are forced to dismount and walk.

    For that reason I’ve switched on my gravel bike from spd race type shoes to Shimano XM7 shoes (which have a Vibram walking sole). Because I was concerned that the XM7’s were less stiff and might not provide enough support on a standard spd pedal, I also fitted spd trail pedals to give a bit more support.

    I personally would suggest anything other than Road cleats. Shouldn’t be even thought of if you are going to take the bike on its intended purpose.

    If you like the larger platform of the Road Pedal (as opposed to a traditional smaller SPD MTB Pedal) why not try a Shimano Trail SPD jobbie (think PD-M530) instead?

    …and a stiff soled MTB shoe.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Same as my road, touring and mountain bikes – Candys

    Frogs for me


    spds. Only my road race bike has spd sl.

    My cross and winter bike both take spds. They are different but fine for the road. It is more about the shoe choice in my experience.

    Spd shoes are often a bit tougher if you end up walking, the cleats certainly are. Also mtb/CX shoes are better equipped to shrug off mud and water which is why I prefer them on my winter road, can use my mtb/cx ones and not bother with overshoes most of the time.


    S-works XC shoes and look or crank egg-beaters. not spds as they suck with mud.

    Premier Icon gonetothehills

    Time. Every time. The Atac XC pedals are pretty dinky so I even use them on the road bike. I’ve got shoes that I can tour in – and wear in a pub / B&B, some more road oriented ones and winter boots that work on the mountain bike and the Tripster. For on/off road stuff, recessed cleats and pedals that don’t mind mud makes a lot of sense.

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