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  • Which child seat?
  • eltonerino

    I’m thinking of getting a child seat for the little one (21 months old). She sat on her mum’s bike seat and (at an incredible stretch) reached the handle bars. I held her and the bike and her mum held the handlebars as we wheeled her around the garden. She loved it.

    I like the look of the Weeride style ones with the child between your arms, rather than at the back. I don’t want to get a trailer, as I wouldn’t want to ride on the road with it (don’t trust the drivers round here not to clip it).

    Can you share tips/recommendations/which ones to avoid?


    Not got one but I really like the look of these
    My sons a bit too young at the moment, he lovesr his croozer though, when he’s big enough that’s what I’m planning on

    Premier Icon davieg

    We went for a Copilot taxi. It is really solid and provides good protection for the wee one (Well she is 2.5 now and still loves it). It sits on a Blackburn rack so provides a solid platform, and hopefully makes for a comfortable ride.

    Can be a bit of a faff removing the rack and seat on my HT, but can be done in under 5 mins. Or just remove the seat and keep the rack if you commute etc.

    The Hamax seats look good, but we preferred the coverage of the Taxi. When I rana front mech, the cable ran down exactly where I would mount the fixing bracket. I did here of reports on here of the ride being a little bit bumpy with the Hamax’s.

    Premier Icon nuttysquirrel

    I have the Weeride and it’s superb. Solid built, easy to fit and my wee 1 year old loves it. So much better on the front apart from you do have to stick your knees out a little bit, but not a biggie. One big problem is that her helmet is so big on the outside that it keeps getting pushed forward over her face by me. So we have gone helmet less, which isn’t the best idea. So somehow I need to find a way of moving her head away from my chest.

    Seriously though, it’s an absolutely brilliant seat so maybe that bit is just something I need to work on.


    same experience as nuttysquirrel with a weeride, including knocking his helmet forward.
    I was worried that the clamping mechanism might damage my frame but it doesn’t appear to and it’s fairly quickly whipped off and back on again if you don’t want it on the bike all the time.

    I think it’s especially good for little ones (mine has been on it since 12 months, now 14 months) as they don’t just have to stare at your back and can look around. he hasn’t fallen asleep on it yet but has nodded off a bit and I did keep having to prop him up after he leaned to the side a few times – he wasn’t going to fall out but it was upsetting the bike handling (big head)!

    you might want to check weight limits as they’re quite low for the Weeride, although I think they’re massively conservative.


    Keith, are they available over here?

    The little one is pretty light, so I don’t think weight would be a problem for a long while.

    Is the head rest removable on the weeride?

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    We have a topeak limo (?) or similar. Goes on a topeak rack with a cutout for the seat fixing. As for the other rack mount seat above its a matter of minutes to remove everything. Solid, stable and good wrap round protection. Ours is now seating kiddy no. 2. both ours have loved it.

    My sister bought a wee ride but has found if you are a certain body shape they dont work as well!


    Another wee ride fan here. Yes the head rest can be removed. Microbits takes great pride in changing gears, hitting the brakes etc at just the wrong moments now she’s a bit older!

    If you’re worried about safety I wouldn’t be put off the trailer, a trailer has got to be safer – people drive around you like they’re on tiptoes when you’re pulling a trailer, I’ve never seen people be as careful. Sometimes people are so darn careful you have to wave them past.

    Seriously, it is shocking how nicely people treat you when you have a trailer, I guess part of it is that you’re much more visible than just a bike, but to be honest I think the main thing is that it makes it bleeding obvious that there is a kid in there and that makes people calm down a little.

    Premier Icon WillH

    A wee-ride non-believer here… had one and didn’t get on with it at all. There’s a wee bit of flex in my frame/seat post, so that when I adjusted the wee-ride bar to the perfect length off the bike, when I sat on the saddle the bike ‘stretched’ enough that the wee-ride bar put pressure on the steerer tube and made the steering sluggish. Admittedly I had the wee-rise bar attached to a spacer under the stem, as it was the only place it would physically fit (Spesh Rockhopper). I’ve not heard anyone else mention this problem though so it may just have been user-error. And the straps were a faff, although this was an older model and I think they’ve changed them to something which looks more sensible now.

    I ended up with a Yepp Mini, which is brilliant. IMO it outperforms the Wee-ride in every way. Overall it’s lighter than the wee-ride. The bracket which stays mounted to your bike is smaller, more discreet and weighs less than the wee-ride bar. The seat can be clipped and unclipped from the bike one-handed in 1-2 seconds. It also sits slightly higher and further forward than the wee-ride so doesn’t get in the way of your knees as much.

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