Which cheap smartphone?

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  • Which cheap smartphone?
  • My iPhone 7 looks like it’s on its last legs, looking for something cheapish.

    I’m far from a techy, all I use my phone for is Spotify, strava and what’s app. Not bothered about how good it is for TV or camera quality.
    Any recommendations?
    Also, my iPhone has a tiny SIM card, would it fit in all phone or do I need a new one/adaptor?


    I’ve got a Ulephone Armor 5, as reviewed on this very site (though I never saw a follow up). I didn’t get it through the outlet linked to though, as they clearly didn’t have any stock and strung me along for a couple of weeks despite this.

    It’s heavy and quite big, but totally* waterproof and really very tough, plus has a huge battery life. Everything seems to work well on it.


    *so far, one day I’ll drop it in a puddle with grommet out of place and ruin it, naturally.

    Other slightly cheaper stuff is no doubt available, but the specs on it were good compared to other phones when I got it, and should be good enough not to have to play the app revolving door game for a while at least.

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    I have a nokia 6 and it was free on a contract changeover, does the job nicely, I think it uses the same SIM but the provider will do you a replacement if you ask nicely


    Xiaomi from John Lewis

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    Most phones will use the same sim, a few might need a bigger one but it’s only extra plastic. You can get your provider to give you a new sim or pop the middle out of a blank one and press yours in.

    For simplicity maybe pick up a cheap iPhone, if yours isn’t in a state that’s worth repairing? Android is dominant in the budget phone market but a refurb 6s or 7 should be a reasonable price and makes it easier to transfer your data.


    What’s up with your current phone?

    If it’s just the battery get a new one from Apple.

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    I’ve just switched from a Moto G4 Plus to a Xiaomi A2 Lite 64gb and it seems pretty good so far. Nice simple Android One operating system, decent battery and camera is reasonable. £123 from Amazon warehouse – Used, very good condition. Most phones these days take nano sims, so you will probably need to do a sim swap.

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    This is coming from a Nexus 5X which was starting to feel a bit long in the tooth and slow…

    Re: the Ulephone Armour 5. Bought on the back of the review on here and it seemed ideal for MTB-ing with it being armoured and waterproof.

    I found it to be exceptionally underwhelming. Heavy with a big battery, but the battery life was rubbish. Couldn’t get through a whole day of normal use on one charge

    Also, the fingerprint sensor was terrible, sometimes taking too many attempts to unlock, meaning I needed to use the PIN unlock. Face unlock was deactivated as it was always unlocking (I know that’s the point) and turning the screen on shortening the battery life.

    Camera was like a tiny person was inside the phone making the photos out of Lego then rendering them in Minecraft on the screen. Android Pay was also rubbish on it.

    In the end, I got a refund off of Amazon and bought a Nokia 7.1. Miles better, loads faster, better camera and battery and runs Android pretty much stock.

    Screens broke and I can’t ring anyone as I think the earpiece and speaker have gone. Also if I turn it off it threatens never to return for a good hour.
    Cheers for the recommendations, just gone out on bike so going to have a good look at what people have said when I get back.

    Went from iPhone to Moto G6 as a work phone. Massively impressed, and ridiculously easy to transfer everything across.

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    What’s your budget? I bought a Nokia 6.1 last year for circa £200, I can’t really fault it other than the camera being mince and you said you don’t care about that. There’s almost certainly cheaper to be had if you’re happy compromising on performance, and if you genuinely do only use three apps then a trip to CeX or Cash Converters might be your best bet.


    Hey OP!

    How cheap is cheap as I will have my iphone 7 128GB up for sale shortly.


    Looking around £100 but can go a little over.

    Ended up with a Motorola G6. Cost just over £100 and I’ve got £72 back on a recycling site for my iPhone so £30 is perfect!
    Review here: https://www.expertreviews.co.uk/motorola/1406990/moto-g6-review-budget

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    A Moto G6 play seemed to be one step too cheap. I should have ponied up for a G6 or G6+

    It just sort of hangs for a few moments all the time

    I’ll see what it’s like, it’s 30 day returns so if I don’t like it I can change.


    have a look at the Honor 7. Its made by Huawai. I have one and its great for the price. Roughyl £100 from Argos


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