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  • Shepdon

    As title really thinking of going single ring up front so looking at chain devices for a Santa Cruz Blur LT2 and seem to remember an earlier post on here where someone had trouble fitting one.
    I was looking at the superstar chain devices as they seem to be good value for money
    Any recommendations and experiences would be much appreciated


    Premier Icon neil853

    here’s a post I made to get info.


    I didn’t mess about with just a top guide I wanted a chain guide which I knew the chain would never come off with. I went for a MRP Mini G2 SL. Awesome little thing and the chain has always stayed on, no noise, no filing just fit straight on.

    I’ll post a pic up of mine in a sec

    As per Neil’s thread, I commented on that before (but never got around to posting a pic – sorry Neil!).

    I’m still running the MRP – works perfectly. For info – one spacer on the non-drive side, one on the drive side between the chain device (if its an MRP anyway) and the frame and everything lines up lubbly jubbly.


    Thank you both much appreciated

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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