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  • tinytimbo

    Looking at getting a set of carbon bars and have narrowed it down to Easton Havoc 750mm or Renthal fat bar lite.

    Anyone got any opinions on these or used both?

    Tempted to go for the Easton as they make some pretty big claims about strength.

    They will mainly be used for all mountain type riding.


    Premier Icon tomhoward

    I’ve just answered that very same question with Easton, nothing to do with strength, I just like the feel of them, and the renthals I find aesthetically challenging….


    Ditched the lites as they were gawping. Running Kenesis Strut and Mt Zooms…decent price, weight and strength with no noticeable flex

    Premier Icon guitarhero

    The Easton Haven is more comparable to the Fatbar lite in terms of weight and application.
    I have one on my Fortitude and it is a very nice handlebar.


    I’m enjoying my 3T Extendo flat bars. Loads of sweep, and rather stylish.

    b r

    I’ve just had 5 years with a pair of Easton DH carbons (711mm and 220g) and have swapped to Renthal Fat Bar Lite carbons (740mm and 177g).

    The Renthals feel stiffer and damp the trail less than the Eastons.

    The Eastons although heavily marked (from many, many crashes and usual nicks/bangs) are still absolutely solid. The Renthals feel just as good, and have already been crashed twice…

    guitarhero – Member
    The Easton Haven is more comparable to the Fatbar lite in terms of weight and application.

    More than an inch narrower though, and the Renthals are already on the arrow side.

    Enve carbon ?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Is there not supposed to be a wider Haven on the way? In a completely uninformed contribution to the thread, I’m looking at Kinesis Struts to put on a width boost over some Havens (which are ace, but I’ve finally given in to fashion)

    Answer and Crank Bros are others to look at- but don’t buy cheap Crank Bros off ebay, there’s tons of fakes out there. And they beat the the graphics onto the current Answers with the ugly shovel.

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