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  • Which bottom bracket?
  • Premier Icon Zaskar93

    Easy. Hope stainless steel. Not expensive at all when you consider just how long they last. Lots of pretty colours too!


    I’ve been doing some reading about this recently and so I predict people will recommend (In order of best to worst):

    Chris King,

    Interestingly also ordered price high-low as well. I’ve just bough a groupset with a Gusset BB.

    Thanks for the reccomendations! Hope does look fantastic but I’m on an incredibly tight budget. Be worth buying one used? Or should I go Gusset?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Gusset ext24 for me- good life, though not quite as good as Hope… But more servicable as they use a standard bearing rather than a specific, so easy to find and you can choose your quality. If they cost the same as a Hope that might not be such a simple decision but they cost pretty much the same as a set of Hope replacement bearings…


    I can’t recommend it myself as I haven’t got it yet, but on other threads on here people have rated the Gusset ones pretty highly.

    The main selling point for me was that the bearings are standard so cheaply replaced unlike the Hope ones.

    For the price I’d say it’s worth a punt, don’t think you can get a Hope one second hand for the same money.

    Brill, thanks for the advice guys, I’ll go with the Gusset, the ability to replace it with standard bearings is exactly what I want 🙂

    Does anyone know which bearings it uses, i.e, the size?

    Hollowtech two, long distance bikepacking? (:

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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