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  • Which bottle cage, bottle and storage pack/saddle bag?
  • jayx2a

    So thought I would ask about all of my want items in one thread to save asking in mutiple threads!

    So I’m after recommendations for the following:

    Bottle cage that keeps a bottle nice and secure on the rough stuff
    Bottle to go in said cage – maybe not a massive one as it’s full suss and room is limited
    Some sort of small bag that can go on the frame of under saddle (that would be ok with dropper) to hold tool kit and few small items!

    Thanks all. In mean time will have a look at wiggle!

    If room is limited, Specialized Zee cage. Excellent kit. I use one for uplift days with a Camelbak Podium and have never lost a bottle.


    Will have a look at that one. It’s on a Trek Fuel – so it’s got room but not too much!


    Wee Cog Slider for the saddle bag?

    Slider – for dropper posts

    Premier Icon bungalistic

    Zee bottle cage as recommended by folk on here when I asked few week ago. Been mint so far, no bottles dropped. It can also be used with their SWAT tool that just bolts on to bottle cage. I use it with a battered Madison bottle I got free at a race, it’s only a 500ml one but it fits in nice & snug.

    Am I allowed to recommend one of my own products?
    The Piggy on bike storage
    We’ve also got a new variant coming out in a few weeks that is that can be fitted anywhere on the frame.


    That piggy pack idea looks decent. I have seen some bikers with these small bags strapped down in that position but never really knew what to google!

    Dakine Hot Laps Gripper Bag seems to do the same sort of thing?


    I’ll recommend what I use –

    Topeak Ninja Mountain bottle cage, with storage for a Topeak mini tool.
    Louri strap for tube, tyre levers and co2.
    Chain link taped to brake hoses.

    Premier Icon Yak

    Elite in whatever size fits
    Wee Cog

    That Piggy thingy (TM) 😉 looks ace, but £40 with the pouch!! holy cow, its a little bit of plastic that costs pennies to mould.


    So is there such a thing as a good or bad water bottle? Brand to brand so elite bottle in an elite cage?

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