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  • bullheart

    True Tales of American Life; Edited by Paul Auster.

    A truly astonishing book. Frighteningly capable of cutting my dark heart open regularly through its humanity.


    Sorry DrJ, not read Almost Moon yet, was a bit put off by the synopsis. Might give the library a try. Just had a look on IMDB for details on Lovely Bones, and it’s in Post-production for release early 2010. I trust Jackson to film the unfilmable and do it with love and care for the story. The cast includes Mark Wahlberg, Susan Sarendon and Rachel Weisz, so it’s a good strong cast. Knowing Jackson, the FX are going to be flawless. I’m getting in supplies of tissues now…
    (edit) Susie is being played by Saoirse Ronan, who was in Atonement.(end edit)


    How did I forget Richard’s Bicycle Book. Probably had more effect on me than anything else.

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    first light by Geoff Wellum, autobiography of the youngest spitfire pilot at the start of second world war, laugh out loud one page, lump in the throat the next, even the mrs read it and loved it (we where on holiday and exhausted each others holiday book collections) and she has no interest in this genre. Also loved atonement, film didn’t come near. And I’ll get in the queue with the Birdsong fans, one of the few books I’ve read twice!


    First light is superb. I thought the most moving bit about it was his realisation that at eighteen the defining moment of his entire life was behind him. That is something that must be very hard to come to terms with. The rest of us can always tell ourselves that “our finest hour” is yet to come, he has lived for nearly 70 years knowing that moment is behind him.

    For all those fans of Birdsong I would recommend Pat Barkers WW1 trilogy


    I’m surprised there’s so much acclaim on here for “Time Traveller’s Wife”. I thought it was a ludicrous premise badly executed, and with a charmless protagonist who groomed a child who had little say in how her manipulated life turned out.

    Just me though, eh?

    “The Lovely Bones”, I found wonderfully hypnotic and affecting. Her autobiographical “Lucky” even more so just because it was real and so obviously informed “Bones”.

    I also agree with the couple of posts above about “First Light”, a superb account of unassuming bravery and the tragedy of the loss of young life. And while Wellum’s finest hour may have happened early in his thankfully long life, a life is the sum of all you are and do. He’s still miles ahead of most on those terms.

    I recommend “The Virgin Suicides” for a shameless wallow – very moving. The film’s very good with Kirsten Dunst playing Lux, but the book is so much better.


    Biggles…..his “Affaire de Couer”! (Capt. W.E.Johns)

    I cry my eyes out to this day! 😯


    Jude the Obscure – Thomas Hardy

    Gosh, yes – that must be the most unremittingly bleak book in the English language. Or any language. Hide the kitchen knives before you read it!


    just finished reading The Book Thief

    Didn’t make me cry, but was written beautifully and in a style I wouldn’t normally read. Saying that, the subject isn’t the sort I’d normally read, but still, it had me glued to it, and I couldn’t put it down.

    Would recommend it.

    Thanks for mentioning it.

    Just picked up on this thread and there are some brilliant books already mentioned on here that I have read. Birdsong, Papillon, Touching the Void, Life of Pi and a few more.

    One book that made me cry is called The Railway Man by Eric Lomax, it is an autobiographical account of what life was like working for the Japanese during WWII building the Burma Railway. Truly horrific!

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