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  • Which bike(s) do you regret selling/getting rid of?
  • disco_stu

    An Alpinestars Cromega DX, a mate of mine borrowed it and mangled the rear drop outs. it was probably fixable but i just dumped it 🙁

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    My Cannondale M500 was nicked in 1993..

    That’s one bike I’d love to get back..

    Oh, that and my 91 Kona Lava Dome.


    Dialled Alpine in slime green. Loved that frame, wish i’d never sold it.


    Very early 90’s Stumpjumper Comp.

    Was stolen and I was totally gutted, still am a bit 🙁

    Premier Icon Northwind

    None really, it’s always been done for the right reason. I do miss my Soul, it was better than every bike I’ve had since but that doesn’t mean it was exactly the right bike for me.


    my cerise Funk with first ever ever pair of rock shox in country on. had to saw the bottom of the headtube down to get the headset lockring on. think they were 44mm trav… both e-stays eventually snapped,but bodged together with carbon ribbon.its still being used today by the guy who bought it off me..

    I tend to break bikes before I get chance to sell them 🙁

    DMR switchback – regret as the guy e-mailed to say he’d broken it trying to remove the seatpost (which told him was stuck), wish I’d done it gently myself and it could have lived on.

    DMR trailstar, it’s probably wishfull thinking, but I swear it was the most hooligan thing on the plannet, it had 2 speeds, fast and crash, utterly briliant! Think I sold it to Duane off here.

    Everything else I’ve either broken or retired as I deemed it to have reached the end of it’s useable life.


    None of them.

    I’ve kept all the good ones and sold the others 🙂


    Specialized Langster. Sold it to get a geared bike as I thought I wanted to do longer road rides. Turns out I don’t enjoy long road rides and singlespeed was much more fun. Never worried about gears skipping and all that bollocks that comes with it.

    Other than that nothing. I do miss my old Federal Division a bit though.

    Premier Icon Lifer

    Out of all of them it was the cheapest, my rigid singlespeed. So much fun just ragging in the woods!

    Premier Icon neil853

    Rock Lobster 853 with SID’s. Lovely bike.


    I’ve got 2:

    GT Backwoods : my first proper mountain bike. I sold it to fund my next purchase which was a cove stiffee. Never got on with the stiffee and regretted it for a good few years.

    DMR Switchback – had to sell this because I needed the cash. Amazing bike to ride back then.

    Premier Icon The Pinkster

    My RTS with a custom made rocker to increase the travel to about 4.5″ IIRC.

    Was a dreadful bike to ride on anything that needed pedalling on but I loved to rag it downhill.

    And my MutzNutz elastic band sprung full susser – never seen another one but was quite remarkable with over 5″ travel well before most DH bikes had more than 3″.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    My old Heckler, sort of. Had to go though as had no space, and to be honest, the replacements have all been better.

    Trek Session 7 and a Specialized Tarmac Pro


    norco manik. loved it. but in the swaps ive done ive had cash and ended up with a decent spec stinky


    +1 on the langster for the exact same reasons as _tom_.

    Also, my IO – great ride, fitted perfectly but nothing I did would stop the chain slipping under pressure.


    I regret getting rid of all my previous bikes!
    Raleigh M-Trax ’95’ish
    Zaskar LE ’97 ish
    GT STS – Actually I don’t regret getting rid of that!

    Then a 10 year gap, as I discovered cars and other things. 😉
    Now I don’t think I would get rid of any bikes, but I only have one until next week!


    My ’89 Explosif, Tange prestige, splatter paint, Tange Switchblades, 16″ frame and would come alive offroad 😀

    I rode it for 11 years before getting my next bike, not realising that it’s good to have a ht and a fs – especially if the ht is steel 😉 or ti!! 😉

    I saw it advertised on Retrobike earlier this year and was just a wee bit too late….

    Drop bar Cotic Roadrat. Did most things really well, fantastic fun to ride and just felt right – a proper “Swiss Army” bike.

    Sold it to buy my Karate Monkey, which I love dearly, but wish I’d had the funds to keep both.


    My Whyte PRST-4, it wasn’t perfect (and yes it was ugly) but it suited the riding I do better than any other bike I’ve had.

    tops 5

    Like Milkie above I wish i still had em all:

    GT Timberline
    GT Zasker LE
    GT LTS 2 (maybe not that one)
    GT STS
    Turner 5 Spot
    On one 456 (actually ok with that as C456 is better 🙂 )

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Specialized Singlecross. Best commuting bike ever.

    2004 Kona Coiler. Bought new dirt cheap from Pauls Cycles, a blast to ride, sold it to fund purchase of bike I’d coveted, a SC Nomad, which turned out to be the most disappointing bike I ever owned.

    Me n Kona, Munqe Chick and her Reign, Atlas mountains Morocco with cycleactive for MC’s 30th. It weighed something like 38lbs with the dual ply minions, and the 4×4 drivers used to fake back injury after lifting of the top of the trucks but was a hoot to ride.


    DMR trailstar with the forks off a carrera subway. Nothing I’ve had since wanted to jump off, whip out and be as generally irresponsible.


    My old Chromag Samurai , that’s why I bought it back again ! 🙂


    My Kona Humuhumu cruiser, got nicked while i was at a bar 12years ago,
    Still miss it, and i qm still looking for a replacement..


    S&M dirtbike with the two extra bars welded on at the seat stays/top tube to make a short platform.

    Haven’t seen another one since. I even know who has it and its apparently sitting in his loft… with a heap of other tasty bits on it I’d love to get back.


    My Nicolai Ion-st Dh bike.
    That bike was class


    93 orange clockwork, sinister ridge, ns surge. I will have another surge……..


    Blimey, where to start . . . to be fair there probably aren’t any I’d want back simply to ride as I’m more than happy with my current set ups, but for sentimental reasons, well, that’d be . . .

    Little hot rod orange Tazer . . . sold that one twice 🙄 (if I’d never sold it first time around it’d still have its lovely little 10mm dropouts intact 😥 ) . . . but it went to a good home second time around 😉

    Dirt Bros Shortbus BMX . . . not seen another one since – believe me I’ve looked.

    Kona Mama BMX . . . for obvious reasons.

    Baby blue Intense Slopestyle.

    Battered early 2k’s Intense Tazer FS with re-welded stays.

    Lil red ‘bred . . . how the heck did I manage to sell something after 4 years . . . 4 years I rode that bike for 😯

    GT Trail ruckus, aluminium frame should have broken many times..


    My Funk, polished alu, raised stays and Funk suspension fork. Would have another but a decent one in medium is rare to find. Sigh.

    Although I liked the look of Daryl Funks 29ers in ti that recently appeared. Tempting. Could fancy a test ride.


    My session 10 was a monster of a bike but it was bike 2 and it had to fund mini deepo’s newborn requirements!


    Devinci Guzzler, built from bits from here & ebay for a week in the Alps, the whole plan was to build and ride it & then sell on after, so a free Alps bike for the week. Worked out OK except for one minor detail……. I loved it & should have just kept it for the £500 quid it owed me…


    Regret selling my 99 kona explosif. Sold it and bought a cove hustler which I didn’t really need, then sold that and got a soul which felt almost the same as the explosif but didn’t fit as well.


    Premier Icon teamslug

    Regret selling a Scott team racing ltd edition (1999) and my early Santa Cruz Superlight.Oh and a mark 1 ti456. I see most of the other bikes i had cos i sold most of them to mates.


    This one… rejigged ATX One, Giant WC DH Team Issue with slacker head angle and 8″ travel. Frame turned up at my local shop by accident and was sent out to me while guiding after i snapped my Rotwild. Was a pig to ride over here but in the Alps 12 years ago, it was fantastic.


    Most of them.

    The Klein Attitude was worth more to me than I got for it.
    The Kona A is pretty much irreplaceable.
    The Mercian was old and a bit knackered but had charm

    Lack of space forced the sales and now lack of funds prevents replacement.

    At least I still have 1 bike, and I’m never selling it.

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    specialized fsr/enduro* elite.

    i swapped it for an intense uzzi, i wanted something ‘bigger’ – he wanted something ‘smaller’.

    i was a fool.

    *i think i’ve forgotten it’s full name, but it looked like this:

    it would still be awesome.

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