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  • Which bike would you love a go on?
  • Premier Icon ton

    longish travel 29r down a long rough Lakeland descent, so endure evo, covert, bandit, rhythm 9 type of bike.


    Gee athertons dh bike , I’m not a downhiller but love the look of his bike .


    Niner ROS9 with a 140 Pike on the front.

    One of the loony tunes HPV record ‘bents.
    Cancellara/Wiggo/Martin TT bike


    A pro DH bike
    A 29r
    A fatbike


    A Mountain-Cycle San Andreas.


    Transition bandit
    Ibis Ripley

    – dunno why just do


    Indyfab Ti
    Stork road bike

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    my Dh bike, i haven’t ridden it in anger in ages.

    i’m off to bike park wales in December – whoop!


    oh, and the bike that’s in my head…


    Cotoic Rocket
    Yeti 575 Carbon
    A roughly 120mm full-suss 29er


    Holly Willoughby, a bike and a half I would love a go on for sure

    Premier Icon ton

    jambo…..audi ebike, was reading about that the other day. looks fun

    Suspect us mortals would find any pro’s DH bike impossibly oversprung, those guys run their springs HARD.

    S-Works Enduro 29 back to back with the 26″ version.
    Nicolai Ion 20.
    Jones Ti thing with Truss forks and all that jazz.


    My Solaris but it’s been raining all day.


    I’d like a go on a propers DH bike, you know something right out of my comfort zone, something lairy, hard to ride unless it’s going fast down some steep gnarly descent.. Thats what kinda bike I’d like to have a go on.


    Always fancied a go on an Aprilia Tuono.

    Failing that, a fatbike looks like it could be fun.

    Premier Icon mrblobby

    Quite fancy a spin on one of those Titus Fireline Evo Ti 29ers. Look like they could be a lot of fun.

    I’d also like a few laps on the Honda MotoGP bike but suspect I’d end up in the gravel pit on the first corner!

    Hob Nob

    Ha, the Enduro 29 thing was probably mine. I wanted to try one out of intrigue more than anything, one of my riding mates works for the big S, and has been injured for a while so I’ve been using his.

    I almost wish I hadn’t now. It’s a bit of an odd one to explain for me, as before I rode it, I never had any 29er experience, so had no basis for comparison.

    The wheels look big, but kinda in proportion, with me being quite tall on a big bike. Once I started riding it though, on trails I know, I was pretty surprised. It felt like a really fast monster truck. It’s really odd at first, because it’s fast, like really fast! Yet it doesn’t do all of the bad things people talk about 29ers for.

    The only way I can describe how it eats things up, is it feels a little like a crazy light DH bike, yet one that pedals like a trail bike.

    I’ve been amazed by it to be fair. I’m fairly constant with what I like about a bike, so this has been a bit of a departure from the normal for me. Maybe because of my preconceptions of 29″ bikes, it’s the first bike i’ve ever ridden & thought wow, this is really, really good.

    I kinda want to keep it…

    Premier Icon lunge

    A proper DH bike, a Trek Session springs to mind but I know nothing about DH bikes anymore.
    A pro level TT bike, a Specialized Shiv would be a good start, maybe a Pinarello Bolide.
    A pro road bike with good carbon wheels running tubs,I’ve always liked the look of the Orbea bikes that the Euskatel teams so that would do, that or a Belkin issue Giant.
    A steel 29er trail bike, something like a Cotic Solaris as despite being 6’4″ I’ve never ridden a big wheel bike.
    Oh, and a fat bike, ideally a Jones as I have no idea what they would ride like.

    What’s the Enduro 29 like to climb on, HN? The one review I read talked about the very high front end, and that TALAS was a must-have.


    When I was in All terrain recently I swung a leg over the the trek session. Even just in store it felt nice, I would love to havea go onm the rough stuff to see how it actually goes


    A pro’s bike from basically any discipline, just to see how an absolutely immaculate, top spec bike feels to ride.

    Premier Icon bungalistic

    what would you just love to try out?

    Well none of yours that’s for sure ๐Ÿ˜›

    I love the look of the new 29er Intense Carbine so if Jim could fix it for me…

    Hob Nob

    What’s the Enduro 29 like to climb on, HN

    The only time i’ve noticed the high front end is a short, steep gully climb. It’s always been a bit of a nasty one anyway, but I found I needed to be out of the saddle for that. Normal fire road type climbs I couldn’t tell any difference to my normal setup.

    I’ve never really run a super low front end anyway, being tall it just felt wrong for me.


    Well if anyone fancies a go on a fat front jones, a fatbike or a ti blacksheep 29er give me a shout.

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    One with tweenie size wheels, just prove I was right when I bought one with proper size wheels.

    Fancy a go on a Rocket.


    A fatbike.

    A Jones.

    I don’t think I’d really want to own either but I’d like to try them out to see what the ride’s like.


    +1 for riding a 26″ and 29″ Enduro back to back.

    There’s loads of bikes I’d love to try…from carbon race hardtails to a full on DH bike.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Not necessarily your dream bike, or even one you’re interested in owning, but what would you just love to try out?

    For me…

    1. Enduro 29er (saw on another thread, got me intrigued)
    2. Lightweight fat bike (I don’t keep up with the names of them, sorry)
    3. The Jones that looks like a posh bathroom fitting

    Premier Icon fathomer

    A proper DH bike.
    A fat bike.
    A nice light road bike.
    And Hob Nob’s Enduro 29er, one of only a few 29er’s I looked at, that look right.

    I’m sure there’s more ๐Ÿ˜€

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu


    Can i have a go on them please.

    i’d love to know what they ride like it’ll save me getting any of my bikes dirty.

    Premier Icon shortcut

    For me, I fancy riding my hero bikes so:
    Tomac’s drop bar ti Raleigh MTB, Klein Adroit, a vintage Yeti ARC.

    I would also like to ride a Tallboy LTC, custom build Seven ti 29er, pro level S Works road bike with DI2.

    Bike I wish could be made again but with a twist is a Pace RC200 but with disk brakes and 29er wheels.

    Premier Icon righog

    A Really Really light singlespeed ( dont’t care about maker )

    The Bestest Mountain E-Bike ( Will check what it is later or you could tell me)

    An Ibis Mojo ( Bit scared as I think I might buy one after having a go )


    The 08 Salsa Ala Carte frame that I’ve just bought off Retrobike 8)

    Not sure when though, impulse buy and I need bits but something to look forward to ๐Ÿ˜€

    Edric 64

    Mosers hour record bike ,the one with the HUGE back wheel


    Turner Burner 650b
    liteville 301
    And a pyga 120


    A fat bike.

    A Jones to see if it is really noticeably different/better.

    and a fat bike just to see if I would enjoy it or not.

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