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  • dantsw13

    I’m looking for a bike box to regularly take my road and mtb’s on flights with me.

    My short list is:

    Bike box Alan
    Scicon Aerotech TSA ( second hand)
    Polaris BikePod hard box

    Does anybody have any experience of these?

    Not with these, but have a Monoc one myself and using a bow is far far better I think. Nothing has damaged mine in the few times I’ve used it. Mine is for sale too if you’re in the market for one? No worries if not, but if interested drop me an email and I’ll send some pics of it: woolymonster@hotmail.com

    Bike case/box and 2 wheel bags £80

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    whats the weight on those bad boys?
    When I was an occasional flyer the cardboard box was my preferred option. Now i’m looking at every other month I’m heading towards the Evoc coming in at 8.6kg is still fairly heavy.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    Have a look at Crateworks – http://www.crateworks.com – brilliant bit of kit, relatively light and tough. A lot of the full-on ABS ones seem to be ridiculously heavy, which is a pain in butt given how strict airlines are getting with weight allowances.


    If you are referring to the Polaris BikePod Pro then you will struggle to get anything bigger than a road bike or small hardtail in it. Also came back with a crack and stress marks in the pod. Bike pod also weights over 11Kg.

    I prefer the EVOC bike bags, loads more protection, room and don’t have to dismantle the bike completely to get it in.

    I have used both. 😉


    Get a decent cardboard box and a load of cheap duct tape and cover it, strap old skate lard to base, jobs a good un!

    Use empty cable reels to pack it out!

    That cardboard box for $159 has to be a windup surely?


    Mine will be used 2-3 times a month travelling with work. I’m a commercial long haul pilot, so I have a bit of leeway with the weight!!

    As it will be used so much, I’m happy to pay for a good one – one not up to scratch is a false economy.


    I had a Bikeboxalan until very recently and can recommend them. It took road and MTB easily with room for helmet and bits. Very tough and reliable. If you’re OK for weight restrictions then you could probably get most of your riding kit in there depending on bike size.


    I’ve got a crateworks in the loft that could be for sale?

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