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    Moving house in the summer. New house dosnt have a garage, so Im going to need a large shed to house 5 bikes and the girlfriends 2 kayaks, as well as other odds and ends. Needs to be secure and have no windows.

    Any recommendations, or pics of what you have? Also, what would be the best surface to build it on? concrete, slabs etc..


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    I built mine timber frame and clad in larch with profile sheet roof. All materials cost around £4500 including 150mm concrete slab to build on and all the wiring and plumbing. 4M by 5.5M internal with a good usable loft space. I like.

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    did you need planning permission for that?

    Premier Icon bedmaker

    Yes, it is a new build so permission was got at the same time as the house. Didn’t stop the neighbours whining about it though!



    Do you live in a caravan?

    Only your “shed” looks better than the shack it’s attached to.

    Didn’t stop the neighbours whining about it though!

    I’m not surprised 😯


    Just been helping my boss build his new shed. 60ftx30ftx20ft, steel I beam and wood frame with a metal skin. Big enough?


    coffeking that sounds more like an aircraft hangar!!!!!

    You can do a good shed for a lot less than £4500. If you have driveway space you can build it on there. A good sized kit will cost up to £2000, and they usually offer an assembly service if required for a couple of hundred quid. Do some googling. I’m looking to get a shed in the region of 3x5m floorplan area, big enough for bikes/kayaks etc too. I’ll be building it on the driveway as the drive goes from the front right to the back of the back garden.

    Considered steel?


    Does anyone have a prefabricated “garden office” shed? Looking for something cool at the moment.

    That shed would have looked okay with a decent roof but it looks really industrial like that!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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