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  • Which best value for money – bar mounted off road light
  • Anything less than £150, something that will burn for 2.5 hours on high, and lights the way . .

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    Deal Extreme XML jobbie at £30 is hard to fault in terms of price.

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    I’ve got this one, and I’ve very happy with it. bright, light and small, dinky enough to use as a helmet mount if the mood takes you.

    “smudge” off here is mtb-batteries and there’s plenty of great stuff said about him, his lights and his batteries


    spend twice that with

    for a similar lamp, in a better bag, with a uk friendly charger, quicker delivery and better customer service

    or go for the V2 @ £90…….

    Cheers folks that looks like the one.

    Singletrack does some great reviews 😉

    Bar Mounted Lights Grouptest


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    Can we please have no talk of lights until September at the earliest. 😥


    I got two lights for mayhem from mtb batteries. Superb is every way. Beam pattern is perfect.Price is good and its supporting a uk company whose backup though I’ve not needed it is highly commended. Battery life is 3 hours on full and service is second to none. Can really recommend.

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    I’ve got the £30 XML and it’s fine, but I had to mod it to get a beam pattern I liked.
    If the MTB Batteries one has a better beam pattern out of the box and has UK backup and spares, I would go for that. As long as you’re not totally strapped for cash (like I was).

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    Exposure Strada from last year. 4/5 the perfomance at about 2/5 the price of the “Big boys”. The fresnel lens beam spread makes it a superb off road light. I rode down Cwmcarn for the first time sharing the beam with Son1.

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    Magicshine MJ-872. £70 or thereabouts and outlamps many costing 4 times as much. Near-perfect beam IMO, gives an excellent wide fill with more peripheral vision than older lights tended to manage, but enough grunt for decent range too. Well made, came with a quality charger and a sealed battery, and sealed plugs- but the bar mount’s not perfect and takes a little more faff.

    The MTB Batteries one is higher quality but less bright, and a bit more spotlightly to boot. Better mountings. So a straight choice there between power/capability, and quality/convenience- but neither one’s a bad choice- the Magicshine is high enough quality, and the MTBBatteries one is bright enough.

    The cheaper XML Magicshine is bright but spotlighty, tbh the beam is a bit tight even for the head never mind bars. The P7 Magicshine is a better beam but not anything like as bright. Your budget is high enough that you don’t need to settle for either of those.

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    i have the deal extreme £30 one, it works fine, plenty bright enough, decent beam imo.
    BUT, the charger melted the first time i plugged it in.
    smudge off of here offered me a replacement charger (cheap) and overall ive still spent less than buying in the uk, however, next time i will be buying from smudge.
    i reckon its a case of you get exactly what you pay for.


    IME the deal extreme cheapie head units are fine, but the batteries are poor quality.

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    martymac – Member

    i have the deal extreme £30 one, it works fine, plenty bright enough, decent beam imo. BUT, the charger melted the first time i plugged it in.

    Aye, I’ve got one of the cheap ones lying around somewhere but I don’t trust it. The higher end Magicshines come with a better charger though.


    Moon do something at £60 that seemed to compare well with a joystick…….. but they are distributed by………Raliegh

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