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  • Which asymmetric flat pedal?
  • SammyC

    Don’t know if ‘asymmetric’ is the correct term but the sort of pedal that suits the toes out rider.

    I tried some of these:

    and loved the fact that much more of the pedal was supporting my foot in its usual duck footed, toes out position, but the build quality (and price) were shocking.

    So, are there any other flat pedals that have a similar asymmetric shape but for more sensible prices and last more than two rides like the KCNC ones did?


    not trying to be a PITA, but wouldnt correcting your stance be a better idea for the sake of heelrub?


    Surely its so much more difficult to use the calf to gain power if your toes are sticking out?

    My toes used to stick out and I found it very hard to get out of SPD properly (I used to twist out not in).

    I reckon you should learn to walk with your legs as straight as possible now.

    What probably happened is you have a lack of mobility in your hips, and your legs turn out slighty.

    This means your knees have turned in as you grow and learn to walk.
    So it now appears your feet turn out (when knees are straight), when in fact its your knees pointing in.

    I would try and improve the mobility in your hips so your feet point forwards and eventually your knees will begin to turn out too.

    I’ve found I seem to have more power cycling now and get less groin/hip injuries playing footy since I manage to get my legs to straighten a bit.

    I recently switched from DMR V12s to Vaults and the front of the pedal is much wider, giving similar benefits to that asymmetric approach – I think a lot of the new flat pedals are like this.


    I can’t be arsed with fixing the real problem when there are bike bits to be considered and bought! 😀


    Thanks for the Vault recommendation, looks like a good option. 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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