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  • Which 50mm or less stem?
  • bigred1989

    Looking to replace my stem for a 50mm or less one, any recommendation? Just bought a new bike and the reach is a little more than what im used to..

    In true STW fashion – the one I own. Easton Haven – ’tis lovely

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Pro FRS or Gusset Staff if you want cheap but excellent- though the Pro graphics are pretty rotten. I’d challenge anyone to pepsi-taste-test these and the much more expensive flasher competition tbh.

    Syntace Megaforce 2 gets great reviews if you want to spend more.


    i was thinking of a funn strippa or funnduro stem, not bad priced, seem to get good reviews and dont look to bad either, any thoughts?


    I have an Easton Haven all black and it looks lovely, but only comes in 0 degree rise and 55mm.

    Have ordered a Syntace Megaforce 2 from the US. They start at 30mm, look good, really light and are meant for all mountain and bars up to 800mm and have a 5 degree rise. Bit pricey mind and shipping is going to take a while. 🙁


    Thomson X4 stem. Have them on both my bikes.

    They seem yo be getting discounted a fair bit these days so aren’t too expensive. I think they look lovely.

    Premier Icon tomaso

    I’ve had Funn stems before and no complaints. Have a look on CRC at what’s cheap in the lengths you want. I’ve not had a crap stem since 1994 and its all down to looks and price really.

    Premier Icon Normal Man

    Adding to STW tradition, I’m happy with my RaceFace Chester.

    Premier Icon Alex

    Easton Haven’s are very nice, and surprisingly light if you care about such things. But as said no rise, 55mm only. Merlin had some on offer for £45.

    I also have Thomson X4 and a Nukeproof in about that length. All super stiff and non creaky. The Renthal looks great, but it was a hunk of cash when I looked at them.


    How about 35mm?

    35mm El Guapo Corto Stem – Linky £39.99


    Rental as long as your bars have a wide enough center section, Enve riders need not apply.

    Premier Icon akira

    Get a Straitline stem, lovely and all the colours under the sun are available.


    Just gone from a Burgtec Enduro which is massive and heavy to a Mortop STC and couldn’t be happier. The (split) clamp is really wide and the machining is impressive. They do 32, 45, 50mm lengths and pretty colours!


    currently using a Race Face Diabolus D2 stem. 50mm with 0 degree rise. its a bit heavy but boy is it stiff!!

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