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  • which 3 TYPES of mountain bike covers all bases
  • steel hardtail 26″
    26″ hardtail steel
    hardtail steel 26″


    Full suss 26er 140mm of travel = XC, trail, AM and DH

    Ooops, I cheated 🙄

    CBA with that crap – my 160mm FS gets me everywhere I want to go at a speed I want it to, ergo, there needs be no other bike in my shed (even though I do have a HT)

    Two of them seem to be covering the same base.

    I has a Soul for XC/trail centres, Ion 16 for Enduro/larking about and a DH bike for DH

    I have a :

    hardtail jump bike SS – Street cred with the Boyz
    96er Ti SS Custom build sometimes fixie – Head up my own arse with the STWers
    Full suss 27 speed XC – Broken after 13 hard years but did everything else


    A 26″ hardtail with 140mm fork, wide tyres and a dropper post.


    dont think i made myself clear doh, the 2 covering the same riding style includes the desireability of ti. i think this is a poorly authored thread, i should have added carbon in the choice of bikes as well.
    maybe i should of asked which 3 bikes covers style and function?

    Steel XC 29er singlespeed

    I’ve got 2 other bikes, but they’re barely used.


    Dialled Alpine for looning about on.
    Surly Krampus for, erm, looning about on.
    Drop-barred, Ti softail for looking like a loon on 😉


    Should make do with one bike..anymore is just being ostentatious 😀


    as above,choose 3 types between these, you can name a bike to make the example
    full suss 26er
    full suss 29er
    hard tail 29er
    hardtail 26er
    full suss 650b
    hardtail 650b
    fat bike
    down hill bike

    My choice of bike quiver/stable
    full suss26er 160 travel = all mountain and a bit of DH
    full suss 29er = comfortable, quick speedy XC and trail
    Ti hardtail 29er = quick, great looking, speedy XC and trail
    i think this covers all bases?


    26/27.5 150-160 mm Enduro / All Mountain

    29er Carbon hardtail

    CX bike with a set of slicks and mudguards

    Premier Icon paladin

    I don’t understand all the abbreviations, but I’ve got a hardtail which takes me to the hills, up the hills, and down the hills.

    b r

    26″ Ti HT running a 150mm fork – does everything needed


    Singlespeed hardtail covers all bases, equally unsuitable for every kind of riding.

    Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    I can never make this work. I always have gaps and overlap. However, and I think this is important*, it doesn’t matter.

    * I actually don’t.

    Premier Icon notmyrealname

    Full Sus, short travel, carbon 29er for most stuff.
    Rigid steel singlespeed 29er for the winter.

    Pretty much covers everything for me.


    For me it would be 160 ish freeride full sus, 130mm full sus, and a steel hardtail.

    All 26inch wheels as it lets me change bits over when I break things.

    Premier Icon porter_jamie

    i seem to be riding my 26″ ht with 120mm forks, alfine and skinny mud tyres most of the time at the moment. i have a cx bike for when its more bridleway stuff/roads and the poor old heckler is languishing at the back of the cave. i wouldn’t mind a nice light single speed maybe rigid as well so i don’t have to convert the alfine because its too much hassle. a 160mm bike would be handy for the alps but since i’ve only been once it would be a waste.

    Premier Icon composite

    FS 26er – Five (150mm/140mm)
    HT 26er – P7 (140mm)
    HT 29er – Lurcher (100mm)


    FS 29er for trailcentres and mountains (Giant Trance X1)
    HT 29er for local stuff and the occasional race (On-One Lurcher that switches between SS and geared depending on my leg state!)
    Rigid 29er with Alfine hub for about anything and great in the winter, just hose it down and take it out (Trek Sawyer)

    Tbh I could do without HT but I built it for myself and is such a pleasure to ride so i’ll keep it a bit longer.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    150/160mm 27.5 enduro FS (Lapierre Spicy Team)
    125mm 27.5 XC/everything FS (Santa Cruz Solo C)
    120mm 26 steel SS HT fo’ keepin’ it reelz, yo. (Custom Curtis)

    Will put up pics when they arrive 😀


    a Jump bike
    a DH bike
    an XC bike

    wheel size is irrelevant
    suspension details are irrelevant
    frame material is irrelevant

    And to be honest, an allrounder would fill all three slots quite happily.

    Premier Icon DaveRambo

    Well I’ve got 3 and I’m covered for all the riding that I do and am interested in doing off road.

    26er Yeti ASR (full sus for all day riding and anything else)
    26er Van Nic Tuareg (Ti hardtail for racing and anything else)
    26er Genesis ioID (Rigid steel SS for when I want to have a chilled ride – usually on my own)

    I don’t want a 29er as they look stupid and would struggle to think of a different bike as I struggle to decide between the Yeti and Van Nic for most of my riding.

    Being a bit of a trek fan
    Session for DH
    Remedy 26in for A.M
    Rumblefish 29in for XC/training


    why would i want more than one mtb? i can only ride one bike, i had two at one stage all that happens is one ends up donating parts until you only have one that works.

    And as i can’t be arsed to drive to ride, the one bike has to suit where i live and how i ride.


    160mm 26″ slack FS bike for mountainous holidays
    140mm HT for pretty much all trail duties (26″ now but probably go 650B)
    100mm 29er HT proper XC race bike for racing and training (Yeti ARC-C please!)


    29er hardtail
    26 140 tough, slack trail bike
    DH bike

    Id need a BMX too though.


    You don’t need three bikes. One bike does it all…..Transition Covert 29. Ok, so you won’t win any XC races on it, but you can pedal it all day up hill and down dale. It goes downhill too, and jumps. There ain’t owt it can’t do. In 2014 it’ll be available in all wheel sizes if big wheels bother you. Buy one bike, and if you really want to spend more dosh you can spend it on the spec.


    29 er hardtail (communting riding locally)
    26 AM (140-160 mm travel fork 160 on rear)Everythong else

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    26in only
    Cotic BFe 120/150 adjustable forks for 90% of my riding xc and trail
    Covert for Alps holidays and when I think I need it (150 forks as those are what I had but awaiting 160)

    If I had a third bike it would be a winter thrash bike with cheap bits (have frame awaiting such a project) or just possibly a road bike.

    Premier Icon vondally

    29er full suss for everyting

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