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  • Which 11-42T cassette
  • Premier Icon mark90
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    I’m in need of a new cassette (and chain and chainring). Currently running a 30T chainring with XT 11-46T and the jump from 37T to 46T has always been a bit big. I’d be happy with 11-42T range with a 30T chainring up front, I don’t use the bike on the road and don’t run out of top end gears. Sticking with shimano freehub as have a couple sets of wheels, which rules out SRAM GX. So what’s the best value/performance/durability balance?

    SRAM NX PG1130 11-42T £63

    Shimano XT M8000 11-42T £66

    Sunrace MX8 11-42T £57

    I could consider the 11-46T MX8 for £60 as it has a better spread of ratios than the XT 11-46, maybe with a 32T oval. Though it’s possible the bigger jumps are noticeable around the 15-18-21 gears. And I think 11-42T with as 30T chainring will be fine, possibly with better shifting without the such a big low gear.

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    Sunrace all day long. Better jumps than XT, cheaper and more beautiful.

    The 11-46 Sunrace is great too with logical steps.

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    I run 32 NW 11-46 Sunrace and have installed the same on friends bikes (10 and 11 speed). I like it and so do my mates.

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    I’ve been pricing up cassettes too and you should be able to get a sunrace cheaper than that from one of the euro shops

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    Just in case anyone is interested, here’s the (manufacturers) weight for each:

    SRAM NX PG1130 11-42T £63 – 538g

    Shimano XT M8000 11-42T £66 – 434g

    Sunrace MX8 11-42T £57 – 419g

    I’ve also got the Sunrace 11-42t on 2 bikes, 10 and 11 speed and they have been faultless. I was quite surprised the XT one was heavier.

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    Sunrace 11-46 (11spd) has 46-40 as its biggest sprockets, which makes a lot more sense. Currently running it with a 34 oval up front, which is plenty for me.

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    i’d like to say 11-46 XT which is brilliant on my XC lefty hardtail, but on a full sus canyon it really is bad,

    dont even attempt to back pedal..

    sunrace all day long, just installed an 11-46T on my chameleon (32T chainring) (£55 ebay) its light, a good range settings and going by my 10 speed sunrace they last well

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     I was quite surprised the XT one was heavier.

    How much? 15g! The weight of a 5p… Maybe it’ll last longer. 😉

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    Shimano slx another option been running this set up with no problems

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    Premier Icon ferrals
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    Balls, just ordered an xt 11-40 cassette as needed a new one and dont like the jumps in 11-42 XT, could have got cheaper, lighter better ratios if I’d thought about sunrace 🙁

    Will remember next time!

    Premier Icon whitestone
    Free Member has most cassettes as standard options so you can compare them and see if there’s any big jumps in the ratios. In fact the only difference between the Shimano and Sunrace 11spd cassettes is that the Sunrace has 42-36 as the bottom two sizes and the Shimano has 42-37

    Shimano 11-40 has 42-35-31 at the bottom end, the 11-42 has 42-37-32

    Premier Icon steve_b77
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    I’ve always had XT for Shimano free hubs and I don’t see a reason why I’d change that. They last well and shift well

    Premier Icon genubah
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    Shimano XT M8000 11-42T £66

    £57 at Merlin and Tweeks.

    Premier Icon zippykona
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    My 42 t sram 11 speed doesn’t like pedalling back at standstill.

    My 40t sunrace 10 speed is ok.

    Will a 42t sunrace 10 speed pedal back ok?

    Imagine you are stopped on a hill and want to back pedal a bit to line the pedals up  to get maximum  lift off.

    Premier Icon joebristol
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    It’s probably got a lot to do with chainline in terms of the chain falling off when you peddle backwards. I’ve had 1×10 with a Sram 11-36 with no issues – also had sunrace 11-42 10 speed which equally didn’t fall off. Also got GX 1 x 11 speed with the 10-42 cassette and the chain doesn’t fall off that when you back peddle either.

    I haven’t had Shimano in a big cassette to comment on that brand (probably won’t buy one anytime soon either!)

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    You can get the  SRAM PG-1130  @ Tredz for £52.49 but there’s the £5 code floating around  so it’s £47.49.

    (I’m finding it hard to get a good deal on the XD gx ATM )

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    Thanks for all the replies. Been trying to log in to the site all evening to reply.

    Think I will go with the Sunrace as it seems to get a lot of love and it’s lighter than what I have now. Just have to decide on range now, probably 11-46T as i currently have bit with better spread of ratios.

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