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  • wheres the best place to buy a decent watch?
  • scotabroad
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    Bit OT even for the OT section I know, but, my watch has just knackered up and I need a new one.

    Looking for something half decent in terms of robustness, accuracy, waterproof for obvious reasons, and not something that you would have to cherish. i.e. a watch that will take a bashing but still look half decent for everyday use.



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    i just tend to use metal Swatch skins. hardly notice they are on, don’t tend to catch on things.

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    I had similar requirements to you a couple of months ago and ended up buying a Casio AWG-101-1AER – Radio Controlled Solar G-Shock watch.

    It is a combined analogue/digital watch which syncs to a radio signal and automatically adjusts to summer/winter time.

    It works with radio signals in the UK, USA, Japan and mainland Europe.

    As a G-Shock watch it is very tough and waterproof.

    The clincher was that it is solar powered so no battery changes required.

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    Stew, nip into Monahagns down Bank St, usually have some good watches on offer in showcase just in the door on right.

    See you tonight, want a lift??

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