Where's my money ?

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  • Where's my money ?
  • cranberry

    I made a transfer from my Dutch bank account last Thursday to my UK bank account. The money left the Dutch account, whistling a happy tune, 6 days ago but has not yet arrived in my UK account.

    So, where is my money at the moment ?

    ( Extra marks will be awarded if you show your working out )

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    I did that a few months ago – it ended up in someone elses account because the sending banks software swapped the sort code I entered for their own

    got it paid back tho – which was fortunate – as they maintained I’d entered it wrongly

    edit: it was a bank holiday here yesterday so 6 days ago (wednesday?) would only give it two working days…leave it a day or two to clear (max 5 working days)


    I’d rather hope it isn’t in Nigeria, rather I was wondering if my 2 banks have sent my hard working money to some sort of money spa where it can spend a few days relaxing, not doing too much and generally taking it easy.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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