Where to stay on Arran?

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  • Where to stay on Arran?
  • Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    I’ve not been to Arran since my Geology undergrad days so am a little hazy. I’m taking my wife for our second anniversary and looking at hotels, any recommendations? We don’t need 5* as an extra night is more valuable to us than complete luxury.


    family room at the yoho at lochranza. good as gold.

    Glenisle, glenartney, kinloch hotels, all nice.

    Lamlash is best village on the island IMO.

    Premier Icon big_scot_nanny

    After dropping the kids off with my folks in Gourock, me and missus (and the dog) went here as a base for a weekend’s walking. Totally lovely place, with really nice owners. We got a ‘fancy’ room with the upstairs library thing and we would happily have lived there, looking out the windows and the changing views, forever.

    Welcome to Butt Lodge

    The name also caused mucho-amusement for the kids when we told them where we went.

    Dinner was taken here – you must book in advance, and its BYOB. Awesome.

    Aye, the stags is great, bloody busy too, mainly cos there’s nothing else for miles around!

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    Thank you, I will have a look into those.

    Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    We camped 4 nights (2 Lochranza, 2 on the south coast) then 2 nights at Auchrannie, which was great. Sign up to their mailing list, they sent us a discount/upgrade code soon after.


    Stags is excellent, distillery cafe also nice (try a vanilla ice with an Arran Gold top), Glendisle bistro also excellent, we also like kildonan hotel (*we stayed at seal shore campsite so no idea what rooms like) but food fine, views awesome, otters and seals free and if you wander along to the woods (with track up to Road) you might see a red squirrel – we did
    Lamlash has most options I’d say glenisle, pier pub being best imho

    Not a fan of auchrannie, we used to stay in the old part, before the wee yin was born, which was lovely, then tried the new part as it’s where they make you stay if you have kids.

    It’s all a bit premier-inny, except the price.

    Not for me.

    Oh, and Pier head tavern isn’t a patch on the Drift inn…. 😊

    Gimme a shout if ye want any more recommendations Pik, I’m over there fairly often*

    *going over tomoro…. 😜

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    Nice one thank you.


    Ooo yeah to sneak in on it please, dog friendly accommodation recommendations please. I’m determined this year to ride around it on a road bike but mutley will need to come.

    Premier Icon crewlie

    The Lamlash hotels are pretty much all ok with dogs, in fact the whole island is generally very dog friendly.
    It is a lovely ride around the island, but it’s a long way for Mutley to run 😁


    Another shout for The Glenartney ..stayed a couple of times on mtb trips and although not 5 star it is extremely comfortable ..with an excellent breakfast

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