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  • bristolbiker

    Been a few threads on here about this over the last week. Selling a car myself at the moment, and the consensus seem to be Ebay first (flat £15 fee for a 28 day classified sale – if you’re naughty, pull the add once it’s sold and even save this…..) followed by Autotrader (~£30 for 2 weeks on the web only, rising in cost from that – expect spam and cold calling…..).

    Trying Ebay this time, but the add only went up at lunchtime, so we’ll see…..

    Haven’t done this for years, as I’ve always traded in – but as I’ve been offered such a paltry amount by a dealer against a new car, I’m thinking of selling privately. Valuation between private sale and trade-in is over £3k.

    However, not looking forwards to dealing with dodgy motor trade types, so firstly, is it worth the hassle, and if it is, where’s best to advertise?

    Any advice welcome.

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    I asked a few weeks ago, and got replies that indicated E-bay and Auto Trader.

    Put it on e-bay on Sunday Night – Sold by Tuesday Lunchtime £15 flat fee for classified ad, I was very happy.

    I also put it on Gumtree, but only because it was free to list.

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    I just sold mine on ebay last week. Put your phone number on the advert, so any buyer can contact you direct. I got a decent cash offer within 12 hours of listing it. Can’t ask for much more than that really

    Hmm – interesting post. Last time I tried the two I found Auto Trader to be the most successful way to sell – Ebay seemed full of people just wanting bargain prices.

    And as I have a car I am about to sell I guess Ebay might be worth consideration – I assume there is no final price fee then? Just the insertion fees?

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