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    phillips park, moses gate, low level rivvy. I took my son up to lee quarry last year for a go on the pump track, he loved it. He was 6 at the time.


    some flatish routes around rivvy with the odd little bit of effort to some proper off road [ cobbled paths in the main] but all easily dooable at that age
    Nice route from white coppice to a play park at the end with a chippy, a pub,a lake with ducks and geese all nearby- short though 5 ish miles but more or less flat – literally one 10 metre high hill – steep one way gentle the other. nice views as well and all weather route under trees so no tthat bad in rain either.
    start point is the arrow and parking on the road up. the path is not on the map as recent ish path but it is the width a drive and fine – it follows the river [goit]to Brinscall and you cannot really get loist not even with effort
    can send you the routes for those as GPS – mail in profile is wanted

    there is not that much tbh- canals if you think they wont fall in or local parks IME the key is mielage to get them fit whilst they have fun – they dont seem to care that much about scenery tbh


    I am after recommendations of traffic free(very light) routes

    need to be flat/flatish, happy to go off road, ideally with suitable cafe’s/ facilities on the route

    North Manchester/ Lancashire


    Rather than limit yourself to flat areas, take a bit of rope to hang round the handle bars and use it like a tagalong up any climbs he/she cant do themselves. I used to do this a lot, opens lots more opportunities, and it has the bonus that the child then gets to ride some fun descents.

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    lower loop of gisburn.

    glasson docks, then head up to Lancaster, and up the river inland. good ice cream & pubs there.

    rivington from the cafe & south to the castle.

    Radcliffe to Philips park is great. can also start at Elton resi at bury but there is a canal towpath at first.

    transfer penine bridle way from the top to Sheffield is good, but it is steadily downhill all the way.


    We’ve done White Coppice to Brinscall,or vice versa, lots of times, Rivington is always good. If you have an extra diver, do a car supportd ride, top of the hill ride down and a lift back, we do Ryal Fold to Abbey Village, including chips in the Hare & Hounds.

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