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  • Where to ride NW England/SW Scotland?
  • thecaptain

    Driving between Lancaster and Ayr (and vice-versa), with time for a sneaky ride, what are the best choices? Trail centre-wise, Ae, Mabie and Drumlanrig all look possible, I’ve never been to any of them and in principle would usually prefer a fairly basic climb up a hill with views to something gnarly (or tame, for that matter) in a forest. Edge of the Lake District would be possible, if there’s anything easily accessible off the M6. I wouldn’t have time for a really big detour or epic route, just looking for an opportunity to break the journey somewhere more fun than a roadside cafe really.

    Kirroughtree, thread closed.

    Whinlatter? Top end of the Lakes, not too far from the M6, maybe 20 minutes off it perhaps?

    Premier Icon Trekster

    Ae probably has best views
    Mabie has good views
    Kirry is good
    Drumlanrig may still have issues with wind blown trees.
    Can take A76 up to Ayr from any of the Dumfries trails


    Give it 30mins for whinlatter unless you want a ticket…

    If you can spare an hour of extra driving then Kirrochtree, if not Mabie/Dalbettie/Ae are the en route options

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    Dalbeatie is good fun and you can finish down the lane to Kipford for drink by the river/sea.

    Or the suicidal option of Haweswater for a hike a bike to the top of Nan Bield, enjoy view and back down the way you came up.


    Thanks for the suggestions. Actually, it’s a trip I expect to do quite regularly, so I’ll probably end up doing all of them 🙂

    Any other scenic suggestions? Especially more towards the Scottish end…I wonder if there is a nice ride in the Lowther hills for example.

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    Kirroughtree for Trail Centre

    Sedbergh and the Howgills for scenery if you want quieter than Lakes.

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    Kirroughtree is both a bigger ride and a longer detour, it’s brilliant but I don’t think it fits. Drum would be perfect but as Trekster says I hear is still badly tree’d.

    Don’t know about you, if I’m breaking up a trip I don’t like hassle, trailcentres or really well marked/known routes always seem like the better drive-thru option… I don’t know north of england but Mabie seems like a good match to me. It’s quite often overlooked but has some lovely trails, good views… Maybe lacks the big hits that make people excited about trailcentres but it’s pretty damn nice all the same.

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    There is supposedly some great riding just off the M6 near to the Hutton Roof reserve near the A65 junction – don’t know the specifics but good for a quick hit, i’ve been meaning to get over there for a while.

    Depending on how far from the motorway you wanted to go, you could get to the visitor centre at Grizedale in about 30 mins from the same junction.

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    Orten Round.
    Some good stuff from Kirkby Stephen too.

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