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  • Where to ride in Ayrshire tomorrow?
  • Premier Icon debaser

    Staying in Prestwick tonight and wondering where to ride tomorrow.

    Been googling away but not found much inspiration so far.

    Could easily drive the hour down to Drumlanrig or go for a spin up at Cathkin Braes but was wondering if there is anything worth exploring closer by?

    Anyone with local knowledge have any recommendations?

    It’s been years since I lived in Ayrshire (although it was pretty much Lanarkshire). I never found much to ride, and once I got a car, I was off like a shot to Glentress and Mabie. Drumlanrig didn’t exist in the same way back then. I’d head there.

    There might be something in this thread from a few months ago.

    Plenty good stuff up towards Largs, but you’d need shown round, and I have other plans tomorrow. I’d go to Drumlanrig if I was you.


    Greg, just read in that other thread you went to Radisson academy. What years? I was there ’92-97, left after 5th yr to Glasgow uni at 16!

    Ayrshire has loads of fields and farmland so usually travelling to ride works better

    I take it the old predictive changed that from ardrossan academy?! Left in 92 Dan, went off to do apprenticeship with mod in beith.

    Premier Icon debaser

    Thanks folks, ended up going for a couple of laps of Cathkin Braes as it was the simplest option to tie in with other plans.

    The Largs riding sounds intruiging. I’ll maybe post up if I’m through that way again… exchange guiding for somebeerforyourfridge?


    Oh I dent notice that, anything but smart phone. Yes, Ardrossan.

    Debaser, drop me a mail next time your up this way, as I live in prestwick. Be glad to show you round.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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