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  • Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Got our first “family” holiday coming up this year. Any recomendations where to go on holiday for a week or 2, in June, with a 1-yr old who loves being outdoors?
    Figure he’ll be too young to go on a beach holiday (which suits me), but we want some warm sunshine.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    We’ve only taken ours in the UK so far.

    Windermere Marina Village. 10 mins walk from Bowness. Very good and child friendly. Can’t guarantee sun though.


    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    We spend a lot of time in the Lakes (we live in Northumberland)

    Fancy a change…


    how about heading down here to Pembrokeshire? When the weather is good it’s fantastic and when it’s poo atleast it’s mild!
    Lots of holiday cottages to look at (coastal cottages) or stay at the newish Bluestone place as a base and use the big pool when it’s raining.

    Lots of beaches, coastal paths and little places to visit like St Davids, Solva, Tenby etc.

    I love living here and lots of my friends and family now holiday here cos it’s better than Devon and Cornwall 😉

    But I didn’t tell you that…

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    When Jnr was a year old, we did Northumberland – great beaches (OK, you had to be wrapped up but, hey sandcastles!), quite a lot of farm parks, especially if you go over the border (the Jedburgh one was good), and lots of walking in a backpack.

    Or you could look at Dumfries and Galloway – again, beaches, farmparks, castles, FC sites, some of which have trails….

    Wherever you go, Jnr will fall asleep the minute you arrive somewhere in the car, and half your holiday will be spent sat in a car park with a snoozing toddler…..

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Pembrokeshire +1

    St Davids is good – camp or cottages here: Caerfai

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    swadey – love the Northumberland beaches, but shh, don’t tell everyone – its our best secret!
    To be honest, we were thinking of heading somewhere further afield as we’re depserate for sunshine.

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Jersey, warm and sandy beaches. If you climb there are beaches with crags/cliffs at the back of them.

    Premier Icon bruneep

    anywhere you want to, we took our oldest to spain when he was only 10 months old.


    I’d definately recommend Italy – ridiculously family-friendly; you can take your baby everywhere with you, eat out in the evening. Everyone makes a fuss of children there – it’s really lovely.


    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Coat on etc…………..

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Baby with a capital B. That means he’s going with one of the family of that French fly half.

    New Forest?

    If you move your holiday to August you could combine it with the Big Bike Bash. Baby only costs 1p.


    WCA – you can buy a baby for 1p?!!


    Why would you be limited? Go where you want to go and take the baby with you. My first came to Madeira at 10 mths, second to Canada for 3 weeks at about 6 months. They are really quite portable if you don’t give into the hype of all the baby kit ‘they’ say you need. Also, do any flying trips before they’re two, so you don’t have to pay for a seat.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    In the same boat myself, wondering where to go with wife and eight-month-old daughter for a weekend break or even a full week.

    Have been advised to go on city break or do the sort of holiday that won’t be possible/desirable once children get to toddler age.

    Probably going to get Eurostar to Bruges.

    Anyone know if Belgium is particularly child friendly/unfriendly?

    We like Majorca. Not too long a flight and if you ask for a seat with the child cot you get the bonus of mega leg room.

    The kids like the sunshine and if you think a 1yr old wont enjoy the sand you are wrong. Its great fun (Ours were both walking by 8mths). I know its a bit chavvy but we go to the family thomson clubs now because the kids are so well catered for and it gives us a ‘chance’ of a holiday. The added bonus is that they have child friendly swimming pools. At 1yr old both my kids spent many an hour playing in the walk in pool with other similar aged children with buckets of water etc whilst we laid and watched. But they are becoming really quite expensive now that its in the school holidays.

    Oh and we took our 6wks old daughter to St Lucia for 2 wks when she was born due to a family wedding. Biggest waste of £4k i have ever spent. I would have got more satisfaction out of burning the money.

    How about landing at an airport and having a child nearly unconsceous whilst you waited in unbelievable heat to go through check in. By the time we got through some waiting taxi drivers rushed us into one of the mini buses and put the air con on full pelt to try to cool our daughter down. It took more than that to cool me down!!


    2nd Jersey, great beaches, quiet roads to cycle, some good quality camp sites, not far to hop over to France if you want to for the day.


    So far we’ve done UK and several trips abroad. Majorca was fine as the flights were day time. Fuerteventura flight there was fine but coming back was a bit laet. Had the flight crew not been trying to flog Duty Free 3 hrs into the flight by reading out the entire catalogue at a volume that hurt everyone’s ears and woke up the large number of sleeping children on board, we’d have been fine there too!

    I’d say anywhere in the UK or a flight of 2hrs or less is fine.

    That said, we are plannign to drive to France as JnrI loves being in the car and we can break up the journey with lots of stops en route.


    Salcombe, for a little bit of English riviera. Dont expect it to be much cheaper than flying somewhere though, unless you camp/caravan.

    Premier Icon IdleJon

    As somebody above said – anywhere. The only limiting factor is yourself – how tired and ratty do you get when you travel?

    We were in Milan on my oldest’s 1st birthday – enjoyed that, and the Italians were very friendly because of the baby. This year, with one 5 yr old and one just under 2 we went to Marrakech and had a fantastic time, kids no problem. Have just booked a trip to Jordan and Egypt for November.

    Having said that, the kids are happy being anywhere new – a field in Devon for 24/12, or in the Jemaa el Fnaa (sp?) looking at a snake charmer. They take it all in their stride.


    We did eurocamp holdiays in France, good fun, but quite hard work with 1 and 4 year old ;-). Done Landal in Holland for last two years, it’s like bike friendly, chav free, cheaper center parcs.


    sorry for the slight hijack.

    has anyone ever taken a 3 month old on a ski holiday?

    looking at getting an apartment for the family for a week so me and my older son can go sking with missus and bambino just dossing around. looking at a deal to italy which seems to get good press above.


    Premier Icon kimbers

    on a purely selfish note

    please dont fly with your baby on any trips ill be taking,
    our last trip skiing was only a 1hr30 flight but on the way out 1 child was screaming the entire time on 6am flight

    and on my return i had a toddler who would decide to kick the back of my chair exactly at the base of my spine every 5 minutes, ended up having words with his dad as his older sister just couldnt control him


    I hate airports and planes, and couldn’t bare the thought of flying with the twins until they at least 5, not for the sake of other passangers sanity but for mine.

    Premier Icon watly_biker

    We’ve done Mallorca with an 8 month old – we just made sure it was a well equiped villa (washing machine, microwave, dvd player for watching films)! so we didn’t have to go out all the time and had some space for the older one to run around.
    We also did Portugal with 18 month old. Even if the beach isn’t their thing they enjoy swimming and being outside a lot.
    For Uk we have done Croyde in North Devon every year so far. Great beach (so we can surf!)an indoor children’s pool, a couple of playgrounds and child friendly pubs. Also a few ‘attractions’ in the area which are child friendly.
    Would recommend self catering.

    Kimbers – I can see where you are coming from but then i have had similar levels of inconvenience from adult passengers on planes before. The ones who insist on reclining their seats the minute they sit down regardless. At least a young child has an excuse.


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    Neilson beachplus club holidays are brilliant – we've been to their place in Ortakent, Turkey three times now, the most recent with our (at the time) one year old. He loved it – there's a creche which is very well set up and the resort is well set up for families. Food is great (full board minus three nights) and there's even baby sitting to give you some time to yourself.

    Not particularly cheap though (about £550 per person in June this year) but a brilliant place and you can even do some (pretty chilled out) mtbing. Sam the guide is a top bloke.


    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    Our first came to Paris with us at 12 weeks, have had transatlantic flights with them as young as five months. Jersey is good. Brittany is fantastic too, Italy brilliant for families. Short of a full on activity holiday we haven't really changed plans because of the kids, but we've never been on a beach in the Med type holiday anyway.

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