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  • Where to go for chilled singletrack in North Wales?
  • I’m looking at heading to north Wales in April for a few days, hoping to get a day or two of riding in while we’re there. Having never been before, there seems to be a huge amount of great riding to be done there. However, I’m taking the girlfriend so am looking for places where there will be some less technical trails. Ascents and descents are definately fine, but I don’t think she will be too keen on hitting the rock gardens and drops..

    Can anyone recommend some good trails or bases to start off from? Nant y Aran looks like it could fit the bill, or perhaps the stuff around Betws y Coed?


    The Marin is pretty easy, nothing too technical. She may want to skip the dragons tail but theres nothing to worry about. The Clwyds ate great for views. Maccynleth Mach 3 could be worth a try too.


    would say nant y arian is a good bet ( more mid wales )- plus theres the red kite feeding place there too which is cool. You can ride over from there to Mach trails too = great day ride

    Nice hotel / pub place down the road to stay in and ‘entertain ‘ each other – George borrows its called i think…

    Penmachno is nice and easy in north wales, maybe have a look at mid wales rhayader / elan valley as lovely non trail centre riding there.



    For a great selection of superb North Wales routes, have a look at- http://www.theedgecycleworks.com/mtbroutes

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    That North Wales Coast-To-Coast route looks awesome, thanks for the link 😀


    +1 for the clwyds. Very quiet, nothing too technical, big climbs followed by equally big descents.


    Penmachno or Nant y Aran but I’d expect CYB to be busy

    Thanks for the advice guys, loads of good stuff in there. Penmachno looks like it would suit us pretty well, and if the weather’s crap then Marin should still be decent and not too boggy/windy? In the future that coast to coast route looks like it would be great fun too.

    We will probably end up renting at least one bike, does anyone have any experience with the rental places around there?


    I reckon you’ll love Penmachno, sounds perfect. There are some bits with steep slopes to one side that are narrow ish that my gf didn’t like but most of it was fine.


    Nant-y-arian. No question. Great cafe. Great location. Relatively smooth. Mark of Zorro is simply ace. Long climb afterwards but its an easy one.


    The Clwyds are my backgarden playground, masses of very quiet trails from grass to rocky and lovely singletracks. Trouble is a lot of the routes you’ll find on the net need to stay on “Legal” rights of way, living there myself and knowing all the trails the “Legal” ones only touch the tip of what can be ridden round there and local knowledge of the trails would simply blow your mind.

    The Clwyds are like having a huge natural trail centre on my doorstep.

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    Yep totally agree about the Clwyds however if it’s been damp for a while up there it can get a tad muddy.

    @DoctorRad the C2C route is a Dammed good ride, any questions on it give us a shout.

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