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  • Where to get this frame decal printed?
  • munrobiker

    The decals on the swingarm of my Five are very tatty. I was going to be putting a “Chris Bell Racing” sticker on it anyway and thought I’d take the opportunity to combine the two.

    I need the words and Orange logo to be white but obviously the surrounds to be clear. I’d rather it were one single sticker and not vinyl cut. I know someone like Slik could do it but it’d cost a million pounds. Where’s best (if local places are good I’m in Sheffield or Leeds).



    Try M.A. Brown in Manchester (0161)7942397. I’ve had stuff made for various television productions all over the country, all sent via the post and they’ve never let me down on delivery or price.

    Ask for Tony/ or Steve but agree a price first.


    Could be worth speaking to Max at MMD Works(opposite Loco’s place), he did some rather nice ones for me as a favour.


    Gil at the Cycle Shed of this parish. Does all my replacement Singular decals for protos and re-sprays.

    Premier Icon stevied

    http://www.slikgraphics.com do custom graphics. Great quality and prices


    Stevied- I heard they were bad at getting back to you and taking all eternity to do the job?

    I will try some of the other options, thanks chaps.

    rob jackson

    gil did my “no-one” ones for your old frame

    i’ve used gil before luke to good effect. great stickers btw 🙂


    I used gil through retro-bike, top quality and quick turnaround.

    I emailed slik once, I wouldn’t hold your breath.


    James at http://casementsigns.co.uk/ did mine.

    Cheap, quick, easy.

    Premier Icon onewheelgood

    I got some done for a road bike restoration just before Christmas. Graham at The Image Works did a brilliant job. http://www.bike-stickers.com/homepage.htm

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    CCA with Crawford Carrick Anderson?

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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