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  • Where to get some thick chain
  • blader1611

    I have a couple of bikes in the garage which are shackled to each other (many locks) and a ground anchor but its a bit of a pain unlocking everything to get to which ever bike i require. So i have created more room in the garage now so i can lock them down separately. I like my ground anchor solution but could do with some heavier guage chain, where is the cheapest place to get some thick chain? I could use a d lock but I find they just aren’t long enough.


    How long do you need?

    B and Q sell chains but probably not to a suitable guage and design for securing bikes.

    This place might be okay:

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Almax. You’ll wonder how they can claim to be bolt-cropper-proof until they arrive.

    I was looking a while back and found a local manufacturer who would sell direct.
    They make all sorts of chain including high security bike/motorbike lock chains.
    You can then cover them in an inner tube to protect the bikes.
    Might be worth seeing if you have somewhere similar local to you.

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    Elite security supplies are selling those garage door blocker things. Stick a long enough bar through that big loop (or through the tube if those end caps come off) and it’ll be useless, as mine was.

    I’m not sure I’d trust their opinion on what’s secure.

    My Almax chains are supported by rope from the ceiling because the anchor is in the floor.

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    Its not how big it is, its what you do with it that counts. (or whats been done to it) as in the chain wants to be hardened rather than just chunky.

    B&Q can be pricy, maybe try Toolstation or Screwfix or look on ebay for chains used for securing motorbikes

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    Subscriber These guys are very good. I’ve got their chains and ground anchor. Don’t go too big or it won’t fit through spokes!

    mrsfry’s basement?


    As much as i would like one of the chains from securityforbikes they are way out of my wallet range. I know you shouldnt skimp on this but money is tight and i realise this is only ever going to be a deterrant rather than something that will stop them. I have other measures in place which will hopefully stop them trying.

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    Sad fact is, most bike chains, even most highly approved/thatcham secure etc chains, are more inconvenience to the owner than they are to a competent thief. IMO it’s basically a massive scam. Almax, securityforbikes, some squire and englishchainco chains are decent. And there’s that kryptonite with teh hexagonal lock that’s impossible to cut with new bolt cutter blades (but easy with older, worn ones). New york? Fahgeddabadit?

    Maybe a really big, cheap chain, 19mm+ links? Wider links are genuinely immune to many sorts of attacks just because they’re too big for the tools. And even a soft steel gets to be troublesome to cut when there’s a lot of it. Other attacks will work but it’d take more time and that’s always the balance- most bikes are inadequately secured so every minute they spend breaking your chain is a minute they didn’t have to spend in someone else’s garage with unlocked bikes.


    Surprised it took 2 replies before the standard stw answer of Almax appeared.

    Just look on ebay for a secondhand motorcycle security chain, they go quite cheaply because nobody wants to post them. Find one local and collect. £10-£20 should do it.


    I’ll buy anything as long as it’s got a Sold Secure Gold tag on it. Cheaper the better.

    My insurance will only pay out if I can provide either a key for, or a broken, Sold Secure Gold lock or chain. So given a good thief will have the bike if they really want it, all I care about is the insurance paying out and a deterrent for a casual scrote.


    try your local scrapyard . i had loads of stainless steel chain quite chunky which i donated to the local triathletes for attaching to buoys for swim courses

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    So given a good thief will have the bike if they really want it, all I care about is the insurance paying out and a deterrent for a casual scrote

    This sums up my attitude to bike security

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    look for lifting chain.

    hard as nails it is.

    thick, strong and bolt cropper resistant nails.

    like this


    That lifting chain sounds ideal, will look in to that,thanks.

    I have experience of a capable thief and poor chains, 3 bikes have gone over recent years from various locations. I just want something to look meaty and may be stop the non bolt cropper carrying thief. I have a 19mm d lock which seems to be the minimum size required to stop most bolt croppers apart from very large ones. If it looks like trouble then may be they will move along although if they have got through all my other measures then i guess nothing short of a nuclear bunker will stop them. The bikes are not really worth a lot in monetary value but priceless to me.

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    Yacht / boat chandler.
    I was £20 for 2 metres of stainless chain from gaelforce.


    What NW said

    IMHO its better to do what you do – remember if you think its a pain so will the thief.

    If you find it easy so will the thief

    My approach was always to leave a relatively inexpensive bike relatively unsecure and hope they take that one.


    I bought my anchors and chains from pjb security. No issues with any of the kit i bought.

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