Where to get fox 32mm enduro seal kit?

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  • Where to get fox 32mm enduro seal kit?
  • bomberman

    ive had a look around on tinternet, they seem rare. anyone know where from and how much?


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    £25 for the fox ones inc. postage


    Thanks! didn’t fancy getting them all the way from USA 🙂 Phil_H you are my hero

    the enduro ones i got for my revs were rubbish, confusingly made from really hard plastic, one bit of grit in there and stanchions would’ve been ruined.

    my advice would be to stick with the original seals for replacing.


    Why were they rubbish? You say “would have”, but did any grit actually get in there to ruin your stanchions? I have a feeling you’re just speculating. the mtbr reviews are excellent with not one person saying anything bad about them, and an overall score of 4.89/5 with 44 reviews. can’t really argue with that!

    i think the whole point is that dirt just can’t get in. no flex in the seal = no opportunity for grit to work its way in. what’s not to like?

    i can argue with that as i had some!!

    why put something hard next to the stanchions,it doesn’t make any sense.

    and no flex in stanchions = scratches/premature wear when dirt does ingress(and it will)

    im not speculating, just trying to offer you the benefit of my experience.

    FWIW i did get some marking on my stanchions.


    What a load of tosh. stiffer compound plastic with less ability to flex will therefore let less stuff in. Q E bleedin D. Will it increase stiction? that’s another matter. Get those seals. I’m doing the same next week.

    ‘will therefore let less stuff in’

    but it will let stuff in, then see your stanchions wear prematurely.

    tosh? i think not…fact, i think so as it happened to mine.

    garlic, its a bit strong to say im talking shite when all im doing is trying to let you know of my experience
    look here


    but it will let stuff in, then see your stanchions wear prematurely.

    tosh? i think not…fact, i think so as it happened to mine.

    Got a piccy of the damage? Not that I doubt it happened, just interested (EDIT – didn’t see your link above)

    IIRC the fox ones do better than the OE seals because they have a proper oil seals which the OE ones do not.

    I know a few people who would back fatmuthahubbard up on that report. 3 sets of dead pikes later. Not saying they are worse than the originals, but i am not sure they are any better. Its not as if the manufacturers couldnt make their seals in simlar materials, but they dont…..

    Also, why be so aggressive to him? From what i have seen he is trying to help when he could have just said nowt


    nobody is being aggressive. he said

    one bit of grit in there and stanchions would’ve been ruined.

    he didnt say “they ruined my stanchions”.

    can’t see much in that pic to be honest. this grit he’s talking about that could get in, would make lines up and down the stanchions, no? – can’t see it in the pic myself. perhaps he’d like to post a better one which also shows the blue enduro seal

    Just trying to sort the wheat from the chaff

    they weren’t ruined, just marked is all which is why i said they would’ve been ruined, jeez this is all a bit childish eh why try to pick holes in my post.

    hang on while i find the evidence of my alleged enduro seal usage m’lud

    EDIT: can’t find any photos.

    I am just trying to be helpful, and give you the benefit of my experience, if you dont believe me and want to sort ‘theh wheat from the chaff (WTF?) then fine its no skin off my nose, buy the **** seals and make your own mind up.

    fatmuthahubbard just remember not to try to offer an alternative view in future. You know now that free thought isnt welcome

    fmh, i think he called you ‘chaff’.

    Most original put-down i have heard on here for ages. Highly entertaining thread 🙂

    Who cares about this. Top Gun is on soon 🙂


    anyone else got any enduro seal horror stories?

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    If anyone’s interested, use Manitou seals on Fox 32mm – the only good thing Manitou do, possibly…
    …but TF Tuned recommended them as what they use for Fox. I’ve only heard bad things about Enduro.
    I’ve had Manitous on both my Fox forks & with heavy use they’re still going strong, one set after about months.

    A lot of chaff involved in those exciting air-to-air missile bits iirc.

    back on topic, I suppose mojo couldn’t comment on enduro seals since they import and warranty fox: they are unlikely to admit that their seals are rubbish and we should buy someone else’s. TF and Stendec don’t seem to mention them on their websites; is this because they don’t sell enduro (and can sell you something else)?

    fwiw their replacement bottom bracket bearings are doing very well in a few of mine and mates’ bikes so far; common sense stuff like bigger balls, more grease (lower rpm) and nice seals. Which unlike their fork seals are very soft at the edges for a nice fit with the bb shell.

    not sure i can face top gun again though. 😕


    After about how many months did you say Orange5?


    If you look into other possibilities, garlic.. you will find that some forks might have more movement than others between upper and lower legs. example: an old sid compared to a fox 36 :O)
    Throw in a bit of wear and you might find even more movement under hard cornering etc..

    whats that going to give you if you fit a stiffer seal? its not going to flex and go with the flow is it? leading to it opening up more so.theres pros and cons.its all swings and roundabouts.


    Have to say my enduro seals have been great on my floats

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