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    All ours have the hard drives trashed and then the laptop is sent for WEEE recycling. Sorry. Could he not look at an 0% finance offer? Some quite reasonable ones out there and he would get modern hardware, software, WARRANTY in the event of component failure and a basic level of support.

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    from £100, refurbished, with a warranty.

    Or are we talking cheaper than that?

    is he on freecycle?


    A friend is heading back to uni as a mature (although whether he act mature is another matter) student. He’s training to be a paramedic and is self funding. Obviously a bit skint but could really do with an old basic laptop. Just for assignments etc.

    Anyone know a source of these – anyone work in IT and have access to some that are recycled to deserving causes?

    Apologies if this should be in the wanted forum – it’s not intended to be a direct appeal, but…


    +1 for freecycle…just post asking for one and see if one turns up


    he could get a decent new one for about £250, if he is going to be using it for Uni I would say it is a decent investment rather than spending £100 on some 5 year old piece of crap

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    I’ve got something that works, an old Acer Aspire 1410. XP, 1MB, 40GB HDD, 14″ screen. He might be able to finish his first module while it boots, but it keeps going, has USB and wifi, barely any battery life and it weighs a ton.

    If you’re near Southampton or Newbury I can probably sort you out with one.

    Let me know and I’ll see if I can dig out everything from the loft.


    A Low spec old computer running Ubuntu might be a good option and not necessarily a second rate option if the reports I’ve heard about Ububtu from other people are anything to go by. You can get all the usual Office software apps you might need plus plenty of other software out there and as it doesn’t consume the computers resources like Windows does, it is faster and more stable than a new, higher spec laptop running windows. I’ve been itching to give it a try myself.


    I have one under my desk that i have been looking to give away. no wifi but i think it has office programs on

    I’m in Guildford area if that helps

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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