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  • Where to Demo Salsa Bikes?
  • Where up north?

    My LBS do salsa in North Yorks, There’s a spot in manchester that do them too.

    What size do you need?


    Keswick Bikes now stock Salsa, they’re having a demo weekend on the 6-7th July too.


    @Singlespeed_Shep I’m in North Yorks (near Harrogate) but happy to travel. Does said LBS have stock/demo’s? (I’ve found there are a lot of shops that are on the supplier list but don’t have any in stock. Just able to order.)

    Cheers for the steers about Keswick bikes. I’ll see what they can do too.


    Is there anywhere in the country where I could demo a Salsa El Mariachi?

    I live up t’ north but would be happy to travel for a ride. I tried the distributor but got no response.

    its Cowleys in Northallerton,

    they have some stock, but should be able to order a demo off ison

    Mines an XL/21″ if you want to sit on it for size. (Thirsk)


    Keep pedalling on Hilton st ,MCR had several in as of Thurs just gone plus lots of other nice bits and pieces.
    Tempted to chop in a couple of my bikes for one of the Salsa’s they had in there.


    EDS Bikes, in between Scarborough and Pickering have a load of Salsa & Surly demo bikes I believe.

    The main man there is Wayne- he doesn’t have a website, and shares a premises with a signwriting company, but he’s got a really cool wee shop.

    Premier Icon ceejay

    Some good choices above, apart from Keswick Bikes. Not my friends at the moment as they’ve let me down and owe me a frame that’s been outstanding for a month. Frustratingly I know the frames are in stock…. shame!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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