Where to camp in Peebles/Glentress area?

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  • Where to camp in Peebles/Glentress area?
  • Dimmadan

    Morning all,

    I am planning a trip to Glentress in April and need to sort out some camping for the small group I am going with.

    Any recommendations please?


    From experience.. Rosseta caravan and camping park

    But next time I go and I am not B&Bing it I will be giving the new forest lodge things a lash

    Very cheap if you have 3 or more people and no worries about setting up and taking down a tent.


    I've stayed at the Rosetta a couple of times. I have heard they can be funny etc. but they were great with us. Just ask for a pitch at the top of the field, when it rains it can get muddy at the bottom. 😉


    Rosetta used to be great but last time I stayed there it was been run by a real miserable b*****d and the guy in the bar wasnt any better!
    I stayed at the one down the road in Innerleithen last year, much much better all round, clean and the women in reception was great.


    I thought rosseta was pretty crappy to be honest, toilet/shower block was dirty and not well kept, and it wasn't cheap. Next time I am im in that neck of the woods I will be looking elswhere.


    I had possibly the best steak pie I have ever had at the bar in the Rosetta (and I seem to remember the beer was cheap).

    Apart from that I don't remember it being particularly great or particularly bad – just OK.


    i might still have a deposit held at Rossetta carryed over from a cancelled trip last year. Need to call them when they reopen and find out if they are still holding it or if I have forfeited it
    If so Im not gonna get up there this year (new baby) so happy to see about transferring it to another name if thats okay with them, will loose part of the money anyways probably
    (BTW they were great dealing with me over the phone – no probs whatsoever and didnt seem grumpy or miserable)


    Sounds like a few up and down experiences of the place.

    Nigew, what is the name of the other campsite?

    Iain1775, if you are happy to that it will be greatly appreciated thanks.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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