Where to buy some spokes?! DT Comp Race

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  • Where to buy some spokes?! DT Comp Race
  • Joe

    Looking for 292 black comp race spokes for a wheel build and finding it very difficult to order a box at a realistic price. Looking for 66 ish (32/32 and always like to have a couple spare.)

    Does anyone have any suggestions beyond ordering from Germany or anything loony like that???

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    Use sapim spokes instead from Ryanbuildswheels. Prices are reasonable and service is always great.

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    Try here Cutspokes

    I’ve had good service from them

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    Rose Bikes

    ^ check for yourself but last time I was buying Rose were best for price and stock


    Another vote for Ryanbuildswheels if you can live with Sapim rather than DT’s. I always used DT’s in the past but then had a few aerolites break so went over to Sapim CX Rays which have been really good so far, and a fair bit cheaper as well.


    I’ve always used rose. No one else came close on price, but I’d only use Google. Not tried the other sites mentioned above.

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    The Comp Race has a terrible design fault- it’s bloody impossible to google for.


    Does Ryanbuildswheels not do DT Swiss anymore? (I got a box of 72 black DT revs last year @50p each)

    If budget is an issue also consider ACI Alpina F1 from totalcycling @36p each.


    Rose Bikes seems to have good stock, thanks STW as usual!

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