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  • Where to buy Fixie parts?
  • toppers3933

    bricklane bikes

    these are all pretty good.

    Brilliant many thanks!


    LFGSS classifieds also good


    AW cycles in Reading – and any decent bike shop near a track. What gearing are you thinking of? Might have a spare.

    I’d recommend 42×16 or 48×18 as a starter gear and general lumpy riding. 48×16 for faster duties and 48×15 for punishment and the track. Just switched back to the 16 as I git fed up struggling to work into a headwind grinding away at 60rpm.

    Accidentally bought a Genesis Flyer today. It’s second hand and missing the fixed cog. I can see myself also wanting to fit a smaller chainring.

    CRC doesn’t seem to really cater for fixie stuff. Any recommendations of online stores?

    I’ve currently got a 46×18 freewheel set up. Just ordered a 18t Surly fixed cog from eBay as I want to run it fixed. Well I presume I do (never tried fixed). My first impressions are that I might want 44×18. I’m finding 46×18 a bit too high. Although I’ve only done 16 miles on it so far. Lowestoft where I ride is flat, but the wind coming off the sea can be a nightmare.


    I can see myself also wanting to fit a smaller chainring.

    No, no no. You’ve got this all wrong. 44 tooth chainring, that’s the law.
    Now. Count how many working legs you have. If you’ve got two then you need to fit a 16 tooth cog. If you’ve got one then you can have a 17t or if you’ve got no legs and only one arm then you might be allowed to have an 18t cog.

    I’ve got 1.5 legs. My hamstring is playing up after football last week. What ratio do you suggest?!

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