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  • Where have all the Geneva summer flights gone?
  • smogmonster
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    As per title really – I’ve flown the usual low budget airlines to Geneva for my annual schlep to the alps biking trip for many a moon now. I’ve just tried finding a flight from any airport in the North half of England with Jet 2 Ryanair Sleazyjet and there’s nowt. Surely they haven’t all stopped flying there? Liverpool was always reliable as its one of the big EasyJet hubs…but even that has nothing showing at all for the summer months. I really don’t fancy a drive to bloody Luton so what the hell is going on?? Any ideas?

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    Is Edinburgh closer to you than Luton?

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    From Teesside (guessing from your forum name) Edinburgh is about the same time and cost on the train as Manchester.
    I’ve flown out of one and back to the other twice for work depending on easyJet / ryanair timetables. Edinburgh always used to be a big easyJet hub.
    Quick search showing flights to Geneva every day in July.

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    We’d usually try Newcastle as it’s cheaper, due to later school holidays, than Edinburgh. This year however there are no flights. Edinburgh it is and twice the price of last year.

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    Easyjet stopped flying to geneva from newcastle about 2/3 years ago. We had to get a flight from edinburgh but the prices have went up massively. Last year we drove, and this year we are going to do the same. Got 2 vans, driving to dover, get the ferry to dunkirk, then drive to morzine from there.
    We had looked at getting the ferry to amsterdam from north shields, then drive from amsterdam but they put the prices up massively to. Think it was about £450 each return. The ferry to dunkirk return is £106 each. Then the rest is just chipping in with petrol and the tolls.

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    Massive staff shortages in (a) word

    The low cost airlines and airports especially,  laid off huge amounts of workforce during COVID, and because of low wages/difficult and slow recruitment processes are struggling to recruit again, couple that with the end of cheap flights (they can’t afford it anymore) and some routes are just not economical/ properly staffed. (Lufthansa for example has cut 30,000 flights from their schedule) Getting a direct flight from regional to regional in Europe is now only really possible on very popular flights that they know will be fully booked, everything else is going via hubs

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