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    Are you a student still? NUS extra card and Vision Express gets you 30% off prescription Oakleys. (If you strike lucky with the staff you can get 30% off non-prescription Oakley glasses but only the once!)

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    I used these, They have a shop in Xscape Castleford/Leeds, or can do over t’interweb.

    I got mine from Vision Express in Cribbs – very good service and aftercare, which has kinda made up for the price! As you suggest though, they have survived the toddler years of two children and still work/look perfect (Drillbit frames BTW).


    I’m after a new pair of glasses, and thought I’d get myself a pair of oakleys, as they seem to last so long as sunglasses, that the normal ones should do pretty well.

    Anyone used somewhere good? Online is OK, but if it’s a shop, the south west (Bristol Area) is the right place.



    I got my Oakley Crosslinks from RX Sport. They were £120 cheaper than Vision Express and it was good service with a quick turnaround. I ordered on the Friday and got them on the Wednesday. Cant say better than that.


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    i got my square wire 2.0 from vision express, the service was good.
    the glasses have lasted me 7 years, the frames still look/feel like new, although i have been through a few earsocks/nosepieces.
    i cant recommend them highly enough.

    Got mine from Vision Express. Think they were ~£200 for frames and lenses but work paid half so cher ching 😉 And I got a free pair of sunglasses (not Oakleys unfortunately but some pretty nice RB-esque Bench things.

    As for turnaround… chose them at dinner time, was picking them up before 5pm the same day.


    Tried on frames at the Oakley concept store in Cabot and then went to Goatman & Batham on Queens Road for eye test and order (they don’t carry much stock so couldn’t try much on, hence going to Oakley store first). That was for clear lensed racing jackets for on the bike.

    Several years ago I got some everyday Oakley glasses (split wires) from Brian Vousden in Clifton.

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    Got mine from Hong Kong about £90 glazed (non Oakley lenses) through eBay about 2 years ago. Transsitors (metal) so unlikely to be knock offs.

    Won the auction then sent them my prescription – arrived a week or two later along with another pair of free glasses that while awful looking have done for painting/building/gardening.

    I know it’s not very environmentally friendly or responsible but really Oakley – HOW MUCH! I wasn’t paying £300 odd for a pair of glasses no matter how nice they were

    I’d highly recommend RX Sport.
    Fantastic, trouble free service.
    I bought the Oakley CrossLink Sweep with the XTRActive transition lens for £170! Wanted them for going away on holiday so they did a 3 day turnaround for me.


    I bought Oakley crosshair from the optic shop, Swansea. £280 with prescription lenses.
    I wouldn’t recommend the glasses, the chrome has corroded from sweat and the rubber ear piece has split.


    What about Selectspecs?


    I got a couple of pairs done by Vousden in Bath, although they’re called something else now. I’ll try to find their new details.
    Vousden is now Bathoptician: http://www.bathoptician.co.uk
    I’m still trying to find who their old place off Milsom Street is run by.
    It’s Milsomeyecompany, but they don’t seem to do a Oakley Rx any more.

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    Just looking on RX, the genuine Oakley lenses add around £150 to the cost are they really worth that much premium over ‘standard ” lenses ?

    What’s the difference ?


    Just looking on RX, the genuine Oakley lenses add around £150 to the cost are they really worth that much premium over ‘standard ” lenses ?

    What’s the difference ?

    What are ‘standard’ lenses? The thing is, a set of replacement Oakley sunglasses lenses will cost the same.
    You might be better off finding the Oakley frames you like, then getting the optician to glaze them with regular polycarbonate lenses. I have some Oakley WHY 3 frames, which were sold specifically for Rx lenses; one pair I had glazed with Rx Fire Iridium lenses, the other with ordinary clear polycarbonate by Vousden, which were a lot cheaper.
    In my humble opinion, it’s only worth going the Oakley route for Rx lenses if you want them to have an Iridium coating and to be sunnies, or to have them with a photo-reactive and Iridium element, in either case you’re looking at £260+

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    I got my Ti Whiskers glazed by Ciliary Blue, which cost £65 for their swanky transition lens. Having owned the sunnies before I needed prescription lenses they cam with Ti iridium polarised lenses. I don’t notice a quality difference between the lenses.
    My M Frames have genuine Oakley lenses though, as I use them for shooting so I am happier with the impact rating of theOakley lens.


    i have some oakley m frames
    they have clear glass and the dark glass, both prescription lens. unfortunately i dont know the strength as i bought them as + 2 for reading but the guy i bought them from didnt put in the advert that were for distance, so i presume if there is a – 2thats what they are.
    if you are interested of course.
    the lens and frame are near perfect

    I have some Oakley glasses with standard vision express lenses in.

    But I also have some Oakley split jackets with 3 sets of proper Oakley lenses which cost me a small fortune. Mainly for skiing because I wanted the yellow and increased contrast. They work great and worth it.

    I bought both sets from vision express.

    The first pair with ve lenses were same day and the sunnies took 3 days because they were ordered from Oakley. Got a 3rd off both pairs because I have a student card.

    The strangest thing with the lenses in the split jackets is my entire field of view is in focus.


    Wish I had checked out here before I went for my eye test at Vision Express last week. I have to say I was very pleased with the examination etc. although they did seem to be so concerned with getting me out of the door with glasses that they didn’t sort me out with eye drops I need due to getting dry eyes at the moment.

    Best frames by far were a set of Oakleys (looked best and comfortable) but £230 + lens upgrades (gulp). Didn’t think there would be that much difference to online prices and felt the eye exam was done very well and worth paying a reasonable ‘premium’ for the chance to try on glasses and get them just right but I was amazed to find they were listed as RRP £94 (but a bit cheaper in post places). With comparable lenses they worked out as £126 v £286 from the RX place above! As I said, I don’t mind paying a bit extra for the service etc, especially as they are my first pair but £160 more?

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    I get my prescription done same place every year, but haven’t bought specs there for a decade. Went to Vision Express to try on Oakleys, found some I liked, bought the frame only there as that’s the decent thing to do for having somewhere you can try them. Then shopped around the local opticians to get a good (less than Ciliary Blue) price for glazing.

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    The Oakley outlet at gunwharf in Portsmouth has a few sets of discontinued rx frames normally, in the serving counter. My coin frames cost £70 from there. My normal opticians glazed them fine.

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    Give Govans Optometrist in St Andrews a call – they are an Oakley specialist and do seem to charge less than most:


    (Appreciate nowhere near you but thought I’d mention.)

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