where for bearings and…?

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  • where for bearings and…?
  • Tired of relegating my MTB for the road bikes…because of constant creaking, assuming it’s the hubs as they have never been serviced in over 3 years and nothing else seems to have stopped the creaking.

    mtb wheels xt hubs – what size bearings and where from, gonna give it a bash myself.

    Aren’t XT cup and cone, not cartridge bearings?

    yup, so just bearings then? what is the regular size of loose bearings?

    MTB Rob

    1/4 size 9 each side is the gen rule.

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    As for relegating the MTB for road, stop that 😛 . n+1 MTBs, ride one while the other needs a bit of TLC and swap. Hard tail or even singlespeed rigid for less complexity to need servicing often in cruddy conditions. Or just look after the bike, service & replace bits as necessary, don’t jetwash etc.

    Creaking hubs though, I bet it’s still something else. Creaks as you pedal, or constant? When you go over bumps, standing or sitting? Creak or a squeal (brakes?) ?

    Oh, and I’d look at the mech. From the rear end I usually find it’s the mech. Creaky spring, jockey wheels creaking, possibly even seized jockey bearings but it may still go round by acting like a bushing, but squeals at the same time.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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