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  • Mounty_73

    I bought a Blackberry 4 months ago, its been a little bit quirky but over the last few weeks it freezes, turns off etc.

    I took it back to the shop who sent it off for repair, they found no fault. I have only had it back 2 days and its still doing the same thing.

    I’m not shouting or moaning as I know these things happen, just looking for further information.

    I know its past the 28 days, its still under warranty, but is there anything else I need to know?

    Thanks 🙂

    Premier Icon pnik

    Intermittent faults are a nightmare but you have every right to a repair or replacement.
    The so called testing that found no fault will not be real world use and is unlikely to diagnose anything useful. I’d suggest writing down times and dates for a few days then go back and be reasonable. I’d try a factory reset too it that hasn’t already been done.
    Most places will be Ok if you are reasonable. You have now been without a reliable handset for awhile so make sure you mention that too.
    good luck.


    Thanks for the advice. I have put it all in writing as well as sending emails.

    I am being polite 🙂 as I know it will go a long way, plus I know these things happen, that’s technology for you!

    I have tried the factory reset, updated all software etc, the repair shop have also done all this.

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    Colleague in office has had her Z10 replaced twice since May when it was acquired. Consistent battery charging issue both times. Nothing intermittent developed yet but I will refer her to this thread.


    My daughters BlackBerry over heated and constantly didn’t work so I took it back to Vodafone and demanded a new one. They sent it back and three days later sent a brand new replacement. It was the least I expected. Where did you buy it from?


    Where did you buy it from?

    I bought the BB from a Tesco phone shop.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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