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  • Where did you ride this weekend?
  • There doesn’t seem to be a thread yet for the weekend gone, so where did you ride?

    I headed up on Dartmoor with the Plymouth uni club. We stuck in some big miles leaving from campus and peddling up to Princetown and then back agin. Pictures and plenty of words about it in my blog post.


    I rode there & back again to see how far it is.

    I rode there & back again to see how far it is.

    Where was there?


    in circles somewhere near inverness

    First ride since November due to work/xmas/blowing my knee up etc.

    So took it easy and went for a slog around in the muck from home around the wastelands of South Halifax. Hadn’t realised how much I’d missed riding a bike. Time to treat it to some new wheels and tyres this week I think and finish sorting my singlespeed out.


    Up and down hills under ben wyvis


    22 k of muddy bog in East Sussex. At least the steep climbs were grippy.

    [/url] Untitled by danthomassw13, on Flickr[/img]

    Not me riding, but you get the idea! Still fun though.


    I went for a mooch round the Cheshire lanes on Saturday, then took my lad to the park so he could practice jumping.


    Premier Icon dknwhy

    Isle of Purbeck although it was so gloomy that we did most of it on road. Did see a rambler go thigh deep into a stream though:
    “It’s ok lads, you’ll be fine on the bikes, it’s not that deeeeeeeeppppp…..” 😆

    4 hours at the velodrome while it was pissing with rain outside…was great 😀

    Not me riding, but you get the idea! Still fun though.

    Ahh, a lighter shade of the Dartmoor bogs, at least your hubs are in sight though 😀

    Premier Icon funkrodent

    I went for a mooch round the Cheshire lanes on Saturday, then took my lad to the park so he could practice jumping.

    Just watched that. Ouch! Hope the nipper is ok.

    Did Edale loop on Saturday (Rushup Edge – Pennine Bridleway – up and over to Jacob’s Ladder). Took a woefully underprepared Sanderson Life (summer tyres etc, my mate was on the FS) round and really enjoyed it, though my bones are still rattling. Wet rocks and very slippery mud. Have added semi-controlled skidding to my extensive repertoire 🙂

    Will be in North Wales next weekend for more slippery rock fun and games..

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Local roads in West Berks, Stanmore, Peasemore, Yattendon etc.

    Not very exciting but didn’t have time for cleaning bike afterwards so just a little road for me…

    Glad I bought that AM bike, it’s Great for local road rides 😉


    Muddy splash around Swinley with a mate who’d blagged a nice demo bike for the weekend.

    It was was either 12.3 miles or 10.4 miles, depending who’s Strava you believed.


    ..into work 🙁


    I trail ran, did most of a 30k route, bailed at the Olympic Park on the canal cos I fell in.. 😆


    Ille sur Tet (near Perpignan), it was sunny and the trails were dry 😀

    Premier Icon dukeduvet

    Explored the trails around Pencaitland in East Lothian for the first time. Muddy but loads of fun singletrack around Saltoun. Best bit was smelling the whisky from Glenkinchie Distillery as the sun set and I headed down the Kinchie trail. Beautiful views, peaceful, sunny. 🙂

    I trail ran, did most of a 30k route, bailed at the Olympic Park on the canal cos I fell in..

    Stylish! I’m glad you made it back in one piece.


    Finished my BC coaching course and rode home from Cyclopark along Wattling way, Shooters Hill and all the way around the South Circular. At least this time I wasn’t hypothermic.

    Premier Icon shortcut

    I did around 50 miles on the dark side leaving from my back door and returning to the same.

    A lovely loop on mainly quiet lanes but still with some muddy patches.

    Premier Icon Alex

    Same location. Different rides. Yesterday so many people, today we had the hills to ourselves. I must take more days off. The important thing is not to waste them 🙂


    FLYGA.. by Alex Leigh, on Flickr


    B&W by Alex Leigh, on Flickr


    Penhydd 😀

    Mendip and Qs. Wet and slippery fun.


    Mendip of course

    Premier Icon Trekster

    Ae forest on Sunday, 8am start.

    Ae Windmill Alley1 by john_henry_mtb, on Flickr

    Ae new descent to the Face by john_henry_mtb, on Flickr

    Finished with the first fry-up of the year 😆

    Ae cafe in the park by john_henry_mtb, on Flickr

    36 mile local on cycle paths & quite roads.

    Cant remember my hands & feet being so cold – shower & then bath sorted it.

    Another round and round near Inverness here….tired.


    Trundled round the Cheshire lanes, lost the big ring, snapped a spoke and drank pink grapefruit juice for the first time

    Mary Hinge

    First time on the MTB this year, first time on the MTB for about 6 months!

    Steady couple of hours around the Belper trails.

    Premier Icon DavidB

    Great big loop up onto the Imber Range Path and then over the muddy Ridgeway.


    Rode about 4 miles from my house, fell into massive puddle… went home.

    Guild Wheel around Preston, never done it before but found it a good ride that allows socializing and not getting too s**t up. Result!!


    Only managed a 17 mile local road loop (Isle of Man).

    Mrs V got back from hospital on Saturday after having a new knee so I’m on caring duty. She saw me looking out the window at the blue sky & sunshine, a ‘look’ was exchanged and she said “you’ve got one hour”!


    No riding over the weekend but 38 road miles in gran canaria today. Big road ride planned for tomorrow too.

    Premier Icon martyn35

    Managed a 14 mile loop around my local farm tracks and woods. Was nice to be out on a sunny Sunday afternoon.


    Ilkley Moor, muddiest it has ever been, staying clear of it till May me thinks, give things a chance to dry out.


    Haven’t ridden properly in ages.
    Looking forward to a long-overdue blast (slog) around Cannock on Sunday though 🙂

    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    25miles around the stiperstones, cardon stapleton back over the stipers and Eastridge.
    Muddy but sunny, bloody great.

    Did Breasthigh road on Saturday. Was a brilliant ride, apart from the soaked and freezing left foot!

    Edric 64

    Bath to Marlborough and back on the road ,about 80 miles .Was a nice day on Sunday.Nice view of the vale from the top of Pewsey Down

    Premier Icon mcnultycop

    Got an uplift (dad’s van) to Blackstone Edge, dropped down Cragg Vale to Hebden Bridge and rode (minced) The Blue Pig and then rode (properly) a couple of trails I’ve been shown at Pecket Well. Straight down the Rochdale Canal to Hollingworth Lake for a sausage sandwich then home. Back on the canal to Oldham. 56km all in.

    Premier Icon bazhall

    Glentress in the freezing wind and rain on Sat, was good fun on the descents.

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