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  • Where did you ride this weekend?
  • Forest of Dean uplift with friends. The uplift and cycle centre have both expanded in the two years since I was last there, which is good to see.


    30 miles yesterday on the Singlespeed (rigid, 29er, 32:19) to Buxton and back, including my first ever “clean” on the climb out of Combs up Ladder Hill, which I’ve now christened Bikini Run

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Road Ride – Mirfield – Hebden Bridge – Cragg Vale – Ripponden – Mirfield. Perfect weather though I did burn my thighs 😳


    Spent late Saturday afternoon/early evening around Cannock trying to help mrs rocket negotiate some of the more awkward stuff. We cracked two out of three without filing for divorce so that was encouraging

    Did a solo lap yesterday evening it really is sublime when the weather’s like this


    Tour of the Peak – man they like a hill up that way! Winnats Pass and Cat & Fiddle, touch day for a porker like me but weather was lovely, really enjoyed it. 🙂


    2 laps at Hopton Castle. Short, but brilliant.


    On Friday got the train to Edale then rode up to Hope Cross to Blackley Hey then up to Lockerbrook and over Fairholmes. Up that climb to Hagg farm, down and over to the bottom of the beast and along the fire road, up to win hill, then down to Aston and Hope, to Castleton then up over Mam tor and back down in to Edale again just in time for a train home.

    Birthday on Saturday so watched some people riding bikes at Steel City DH while I had a few beers.


    42 miles in the road bike on Saturday and baked in the sun! Topped up my rubbish tan lens then road the little bike in Hopwas yesterday and knocked myself out on a drop that had been built up with a crazy lip. Still had fun on it though; the clutch mech has made it much quieter.


    Cannock Chase, Monkey late sunday evening, absolutely stunning… dappled sunlight through the trees, dry and dusty, everything was perfect and that’s all I have to say about that.

    Premier Icon thomasgeorge

    Friday afternoon did the black route at Glentress, Saturday morning the xc course at Innerleithen, Saturday after afternoon up and over gypsy glen, then mix of red and blues back at glentress on Sunday morning, before heading home.

    Excellent weekend, could not have asked for better weather, great, friendly staff at the tontine hotel, and good food and beer everywhere we went.

    Only one downer, stuck in traffic on M6 on the way home. Made it to Liverpool just in time for the boat.


    I’ve just had one of the best weekends on a bike that I’ve had for a while. The weather was great, the trails were dry and I had two days of challenging riding. I threw some overnight gear in my rucksac and headed for the hills. The route was great, classic dales riding with long climbs, some great technical descents and wonderful views. A highlight had to be being woken by an amazing pink and orange sunrise and brewing up hot coffee while still in the sleeping bag watching the Dales warm up.
    However… biviing always gives me loads of time to think and I couldn’t believe how few other mountain bikers I’d seen. In 120km of off-road riding on a warm, dry and sunny weekend I saw just 2 other bikers and these were both locals out for short blasts. I can only imagine the chaos that would be the carpark at Dalby or Glentress over the weekend, so why aren’t people out exploring the great natural trails in places like the dales as well. There were loads of walkers (all were happy to see a rider on the trails) and on the few km of tarmac I saw loads of roadies out and about. Maybe I’m just too old-school (I’m 31!) or my riding style isn’t cool enough these days. Then again my 140mm trailbike was the perfect bike, I rode all the ups and enjoyed descents, surely that’s #enduro enough?
    Rant over!

    Got a local hour and a half in last night after the reptiles went to bed. Rode a cheeky one that I’d been eyeing up for ages which turned out to be crap and the downhill I’d been looking forward to had been resurfaced to the point of looking like a driveway. Still was out, it was sunny-ish, dry trails and the Manor was serving beer. Job done.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    I can only imagine

    Pretty poor basis for a rant then.

    As for me, I ticked one off the list of trails to ride before I die.


    Premier Icon D0NK

    random guess, ullock?

    I was invited on a 4passes ride which we quickly adjusted when it became obvious we would be out till midnight so did fleetwith and dalehead, freaking awesome, proper adrenaline overload induced shakes at the bottom of each section. 5.5 hours to do 2 hills and 13miles.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Nice milemuncher XC ride on saturday in the pentlands, abandoned my actual plan almost immediately and revisited some old trails I haven’t for a while.

    Sunday, a bunch of glentress offpiste then rode back up to do the bottom (best) of the red, ending in a ridiculously fast over-the-bars for no good reason on falla brae, and quite a lot of ouch 😳 But no major damage done, and a week to recover before the Seven.

    smashit – Member

    I can only imagine the chaos that would be the carpark at Dalby or Glentress over the weekend,

    I was at Glentress on Sunday, I can still only imagine the chaos, on account of there was absolutely zero…

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Saw 2 walkers on the way up and another bike on the summit. I can only imagine everyone else was in Whinlatter or Grizedale….


    As for me, I ticked one off the list of trails to ride before I die

    looks reet grand that does

    as for me – the usual chilterns loop with a mate, last it of action before next weekends gravel dash

    Smashit – I’ve found not seeing people on trails can be quite deceiving. Both car parks at Gisburn were pretty full, yet, like you, I only saw two riders on what is quite a short (18km) bit for trail!

    I would love to head out in the hills for two but I just don’t have that amount of time, so a few hours at a trail centre are my release. They shouldn’t be knocked. However, next time you go out I can come and ruin your peace and quiet if you like and you can show me what the Dales has to offer.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Smashit – I was out in the Dales on Sunday. Can’t believe you didn’t see me! It’s a tiny place! 🙂

    I was looking forward to reading about what a great weekend everyone had on their bike, discussing the weather, the trails and their rides.

    What do I see? More ‘What tires / helmet / bottle cage/’ threads!

    I’ll start.
    This weekend was awesome! I spent Saturday up at Gisburn with a couple of laps of the 8. It was ridiculously dry but with a nice breeze to keep things cool. I really felt the benefit of some fitness work and managed to clean the top section (that might not be a big deal to some, but it is for me) – btw I’m excluding Dragons Teeth and the climb up to the slab 😀

    Also did my first run of the Hope Line, my first since a concussion inducing crash near the bottom last April which also left me with a nice 20 stitch scar on my elbow.

    All in all a beautiful day. The fact my chain snapped on the most innocuous piece of fire road on the way to the café AFTER I’d finished almost brought a smile to my face.

    Quick road ride in Cheshire yesterday and all is well with the world.

    Any more for any more?

    Premier Icon lowey

    Coach Road, Up and over Sticks Pass, Kepple zig zags, Helvellyn, Dollywagon, Grisedale, Glenridding.

    26 miles, 6100′ climbing 7 and a half hours on the best day of the year.

    Still buzzing / aching.

    Premier Icon Pawsy_Bear

    Trans Portugal 🙂 Awesome event. Amazing countryside, trails and first class organisation. Best I’ve done. Sat in Lisbon airport on my way home.

    Premier Icon kilo

    Saturday was stage three of sani2c so 84 km in south Africa, through sugar cane fields and single track, Mrs kilo did a fairly funny straight on into a field, finished with a 600 metre floating path across a lagoon to a beach front finish on the indian ocean. Sunday sleeping, curry and gin

    Premier Icon Tracey

    We spent all day Saturday at Peatys Steel City DH in Greno Woods watching Abigale compete in the Ladies. Great day was had by every one, Fin had her first day out with crowds and took it all in her stride


    Spent Sunday participating in the PMBA Enduro round 2 at Grizedale, much fun was had.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    Saw 2 walkers on the way up and another bike on the summit

    brave man trying it on a sunny weekend, thought the place was supposed to be packed to the gills with walkers at weekends. Early start? I’ve only ever attempted it on school days, and very nice it is too.


    Went to the Grizedale Enduro but crashed out while practicing stage 2 spent the rest of the weekend at various hospitals.


    Saturday epic: From ODG, up Rossett Gill, then a modified uber-cheeky 4 Passes variant and back down Rossett Gill.
    25 miles and 7150 feet of ascent/descent.
    Big day out on the new bike and loved every minute of it 😀

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Long road ride as I’m doing a sportif in a couple of weeks. Skirted round Derby to pick up Long Lane and discovered that it goes as far as Tean with very little traffic on it, then over the A50 and back via Uttoxeter and Tutbury

    73 gloriously sunny miles with a couple of mates and a chance encounter with some amazing cake at a garden centre cafe that appeared just when I needed it.


    40 Miles on my cheap and nasty (but I like it) carrera TDF I paid £60 for.

    Bingley-Keighley-Cross hills-Silden-Addingham-ilkley-Menston double loop and home

    Midlands XC for me both days at Eastridge.
    XCE on Saturday & XCO on sun.
    Perfect weather & one of the bets xc courses I’ve ever ridden on Sunday.
    Sore & battered now though from my rag doll impression on the last lap!


    Awe ok then.. 90+k’s hacking the Sth Downs on the Roadie on Sat, QECP on Sat Eve to wave to all the entrants and cheer/encourage them on, the Sunday 50+ks again in the Downs but hill climb specific training.

    Cracker wasn’t it. 8)

    Saturday – Loop around HB to burn my legs in two ways
    Sunday – Elland Woods for a lark about – Great riding but steep as a steep thing in some places.

    Premier Icon The Pinkster

    spent Saturday giving my BFe it’s first ride at Eastridge with a couple of mates (not racing though)

    1st time I’ve ridden there and very impressed I was too, with both the trail and the BFe.

    Weather was chuffin’ marvelous too, which always helps, as was the pub stop on the way home. 😀

    Premier Icon davosaurusrex

    Did the QECP day/night enduro, great event although I’m currently trying not to sneeze as I’ve bruised my ribs and it’s a bit ouchie. Borrowed my mate’s lights and snapped off the solarstorm bracket in an off that sent the bike cartwheeling through the air, you can see the cable ties holding it on in this shot. Will be signing up for the daytime one when tickets go on sale on Saturday

    Saturday – Selkirk to Cardrona via Minchmoor Road to meet the Mrs as she finished working. Then drove to North Berwick for the night.

    Sunday – Rode out of North Berwick then down onto the beach under Tantallon Castle. Along the Beach and over the rocks until Belhaven Bay then inland to pick up the John Muir Way back to North Berwick


    Was supposed to have been in training for this coming weekend’s Moss Trooper 300km Audax. Sadly I’ve had my arse glued to the bog since Thursday as I’ve got some horrendous stomach bug.

    When I say stomach I really mean colon. My stomach is fine actually.

    I pity the lab tech that has to open my stool specimen 😯


    Rode around Dent in the Dales with a bit of camping!
    [url=https://flic.kr/p/nok7KH]GOPR0066[/url] by Richard Munro, on Flickr
    [url=https://flic.kr/p/nCLLhm]GOPR0067[/url] by Richard Munro, on Flickr

    Premier Icon funkrodent

    Weekend at a cottage near Keswick with a bunch of mates of varying abilities and desire to ride. Saturday was a full loop of the red at Whinlatter, followed by a blat round the blue.

    Sunday was a different kettle of fish. Five of us parked up at Grange with a view to tackling the fourpasses loop that skirts around Great Gable – Honister, Scarth Gap, Black Sail and Sty Head. Absolutely mental riding. Had to push, and mostly carry, the bikes up all the ascents, but were rewarded with some of the best descents I’ve ever done. Took about 9 hours all told and only three of us completed the route (in fairness one of the others only has partial use of his left hand, the fact that he rides at all is indicative of his guts and his best mate turned back with him). Mind blowing stuff and I’m already planning my next ride in the Lakes.

    On that note Ullock Pike looks awesome!

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    Struggled to find someone to ride MTB with me, so had a road ride instead. A cracking Sunday morning that went up, then down, then up, then down etc. I normally average 1000 feet of climbing for every 10 miles ridden in the Peak District. This rather contrived ride managed over 6000 feet in 52 miles. I’m hungry today 😀


    pondo – Member
    Tour of the Peak – man they like a hill up that way! Winnats Pass and Cat Fiddle, touch day for a porker like me but weather was lovely, really enjoyed it.

    theonlywayisup and I did this too. Thought I was going to die on Winnats – everything after that felt (relatively) easy.

    A make it up as you go along ride at Guisborough forest/ highcliff and up on the Yorkshire moors.
    Yesterday a jaunt round Dalby red with a few of the black bits. The climb up from the car park was a mad house but then I only saw one other Person on the route, quite surprising really.

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Cracking ride round the Peak, rode some new trails – amazing weather.


    I didn’t even touch a bike, I had a grim cold all weekend and was streaming snot most of it, joy!

    Still got to commute in this morning and about to ride home in the sun now – life could be worse.


    I won a smart new jersey and a shiney medal for riding my bike 😀

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