Where did you go this weekend?

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  • Where did you go this weekend?
  • joebickley

    Hi All,

    Anyone go out and ride any where good this weekend?

    I went a lost my Cwmcarn cherry and it was very enjoyable. The weather was shocking so got very very wet but the trails were fine. With my pants tyres i found the wet rooty climbs really tough so i want to go back with new tyres and on a dryer day.


    Premier Icon miketually

    Rode up to Hamsterley for a lap of the black route. Not sure that 70+km of road riding for 11km off road is the right balance, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable ride.

    Took my youngest (aged 3) rock climbing for the first time on Sunday. Great fun.

    Rode my bike off road locally on Saturday for the first time since I broke my collar bone and wrist 4 weeks ago. It’s a bit early, but it had to be done, as it’s Scottish C2C starting this wednesday.



    Weather was horrific at times, but riding still good (even though I did trash a wheel crashing)


    Was going to Afan but the bad weather put us off 3 hrs drive there and then back.. so went to the Wyre and got totally soaked instead!
    Good ride, especially as neither of my m8’s had been before, but it again reasserted my claim that the Wyre does not handle water well!


    z1ppy – we had a similar call to make, stay localish (cannock) and do something we do a lot or take a punt and cross fingers the trails were ok. Luckily they were and we even got an hour or so without rain as a special treat.

    My car however now stinks as the bike rack i ordered from CRC didnt show so everything was in the boot. Booooo CRC!!


    Rode for a few hours up at Pitch hill, brakes pads had worn to the metal after about 15 minutes, totally soaked but great fun.

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Did both days in the Peaks, the rain held off on Saturday but got soaked and covered in mud on Sunday



    Premier Icon auricgoldfinger

    Couple of cracking days in the Peaks for me. Like others, we got drenched a couple of time, but it was still great.

    Yep – very hot, very dry, very sunny πŸ™‚

    I was riding in the little known Montes de los Barrios. Not really on UK riders’ radars, but Roper and I like the place as it’s really chilled. That’s Gibraltar in the distance

    Full set here

    Lots and lots of pushing - doesn't look steep does it?


    Simon – the only words that srping to mind are “Jammy” and “git”! πŸ™‚

    What’s that joe? You want to see another one do you? πŸ™‚

    Rode from Stoke to my parents on Saturday (70 miles and 7000ft of brutal White Peak hills) then 103 miles back home yesterday (another 8000ft of climbing). 17 hours in the saddle in 2 days.

    I should have checked the contours before I finalised the route, those Derbyshire road builders need a good talking too. The off road sections were pretty tough as well.

    my legs hurt today.

    Premier Icon turboferret

    I went to High Wycombe to pick up my new milling machine πŸ™‚

    Very excited to get it up and running in the shed!

    Cheers, Rich

    Premier Icon lowey

    Was due to do Helvellyn on Sunday, but the forecast put us off so we did Jenkin Crag and the Garburn from Ambleside. Bloody great it was too. Didnt see any rain at all till we got back and loaded up the car. Perfect timing. Only problem was I had my camera on VGA settings so all my pics are crap.

    Premier Icon watly_biker

    First ever trip to Afan – had a great time despite wet weather,grumpy kids and friends shoe falling to pieces mid-ride.


    did a nice casual 2hr loop from my house connecting a few trails to end up with a glorious crossing of the moors making full use of the howling gale blowing off the atlantic. that coupled with a new set of small block 8s meant i hardly had to pedal.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Tesco. πŸ™


    Casual 2 hr loop in Verbier. Hit some classic ‘On Hill’ trails then some cheek and tech.

    Lovely weather too πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon Stu_N

    Local Offroad Big Loop on Saturday.

    Calders, Pentlands, Water of Leith, Stoorie Brae, Crammond, tea and cake at Craigie Farm (mmmmcake!) and back via Ratho and canal. 45 miles or so, almost all offroad.

    Who says riding around Edinburgh is all Pentlands-shaped? Cos they are wrong!

    A couple of brief showers, including one 10 mins from home so I couldn’t cut the lawn when I got in (so sad….had to put me feets up instead).


    Red & Black routes at Dalby with my new lady friend, was brilliant πŸ™‚


    checked out the cycle shop stiff on saturday and was at our race at lee quarry sunday, quite a sucess it was too!

    Premier Icon timraven

    Merida at Crickhowell. Fabulous course, great, then dreadful, then great weather!
    Thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks to all that organised it.


    What was going on a CrickHowell? I was going to head there before i realised i had lost my Brecon Beacons map pack so headed to CwmCarn instead. Did a red route round there a couple of years ago and loved it.


    Did Garburn Pass clockwise from Staveley………got some serious speed coming down the other side, but then at the bottom started to think about the consequences of doing that on my own – luckily the weather held whilst going over the pass, but when I hit Kentmere the heavens opened and got soaked, so much so I had my head down and went way of route

    Lowey, can’t believe you were up there too, Johnnie mentioned you was doing Hellvelyn but was a bit put off by SfB tales of woe


    Just answered my own Question about Crickhowell, glad i didnt go there now. I would have looked very silly with my shocking lack of fitness. I think i got tired getting out of the car πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon domino

    Decided my ankle wasn’t up to racing at Lee Quarry so rode from Austwick doing a gentle ride to Wharfe, Thwaite Scar and Clapham. A woman told me ‘its stupid to ride bicycles round here, its far too steep and rocky’ at the top of the long descent down to Clapham.

    Premier Icon Kona TC

    Went to Dalby forest for a skills weekend, weather was miserable for the first hour and then the sun came out for a bit. Riding was awesome, especially the local knowledge bit, as was the tuition


    Dalby. Black route. Boring boring boring.

    Staying at rellies and was back by lunchtime in a grotty mood. Went to the park with the kids and a kite and much more fun to be had.


    Cannock then hospital…and still there.

    Thanks to the helpful chap in the car park whoever you were.


    deeside loop audax

    Pishing rain sat in van thinking …will we wont we… got out and got on with it , turned out to be glorious bar the headwind from braemar

    forfar -stracathro – cairn o mount – ballater – braemar …over a **** of a 9 mile climb to cairnwell – down the glenshee hotel for a tin o coke then home down glen isla

    200k , 3105m climbing and 7 hours 15

    still trying to decide whether doing the snowroads (300k 4500m climbing) a week after soloing 10 under the ben is a good idea


    A woman told me ‘its stupid to ride bicycles round here, its far too steep and rocky’ at the top of the long descent down to Clapham.

    Yeah women what do they know about bikes anyway πŸ˜‰

    Went to leven πŸ˜€


    Rode Penmachno in the rain and wind. My friend got blown off her bike into a ditch, somehow landing on her feet, t’was a good comedy moment.


    Work all day on Saturday.
    Edinburgh Cycles, Leeds, Sunday am to pick up a C2W scheme Genesis Croix de Fer.Sunday pm spent wobbling about getting used to it………..and getting p155 wet through.


    Crickhowell Merida.

    Premier Icon nuttysquirrel

    Aviemore instead of the Wild Boar. Amazing, much better!


    A relaxed trailbuilding morning in Dalby – well, more of a trimming back and final scouting of the course for SSUK. Plus a ride on cheeky trails and some of the official stuff to fill the rest of the day in!

    A ride in the Peaks on Sunday with the usual culprits. My first visit in 5 years. For me,it’s proper mountain biking.It lashed down for the last twenty minutes. I’ve cleaned the bike,but the inside of my car is a mess.Never mind πŸ˜†

    Premier Icon IdleJon

    On saturday, in return for getting up at dawn with the little b…. kids I was allowed an hours pass, so decided to get out locally on my aged Klein. Was exactly opposite my house on the other side of the river, negotiating a tight switchback when my front rim collapsed and catapulted me end over end. Bruised bum! (Moral of the tale – don’t forget that aged v-braked bikes will have aged worn rims. Mechanical idiot? Me?)

    On sunday evening I thought I’d sort out my lighting arrangements ready for 24/12, having just got my Hope Vision 4s. Did you know that it never gets dark when you’ve got new lights to test? Anyway, long story short, despite riding my new bike, I now have two more bruises on my buttocks from 2 more offs.

    Why my bum every time?

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