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  • carlos

    The first decent day for…. Er ages really and wanted to make the most of it. Met a couple of other guys for a ride out and did a great loop from Marple > Hayfield > Jacobs > Edale > Roych Clough > Hayfield > Rowarth > Marple. 32 miles full of smiles and some proper LOL moments 😀

    Weather was perfect, yeah there was standing and in places running water but Jesus, what a day for it considering the shite weather we’ve had. Chatted to a couple of walkers and a couple of other Mtb’ers but tbh it was pretty quite on the actual route.

    Pretty disappointed with Coldwell Clough as it’s been sanitised with 30-50mm mot type gravel/stone and it’s very very draggy from the bottom up to where you can turn left on Kinder Low. Meant a bit if a push from the first gate but fingers crossed it’ll bed in and settle/bind together better

    Roll on more days like today.


    Velodrome – typical, best day for ages and I end up cycling indoors!

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    Ditched the bike today and went walking around Foxton, then had a delicious pub lunch and undid all the good work of the walk.


    Beach bar at “one and only” Nassau Bahamas…..well you asked 😉

    Premier Icon tthew

    Few hours out on the road bike this morning. Perfect weather here in Cheshire, and I didn’t even get overtaken by an e-bike.

    Gave blood this afternoon, and am now doing as I’m told and drinking plenty. Mrs Tthew doesn’t think red wine counts, but as the nurse didn’t specify I’m sticking with my plan.


    Afan on a new build, just a few puddles and two fallen tree’s to negotiate in over 32km. FC and Cognation doing a top job there!

    Was an absolute beaut of a day very busy car park but only passed a couple of folk the whole day and didn’t have to cue for bike wash. . . nice!!!

    Premier Icon ton

    40 mile back lane pootle to York, with the wife. couple of nice beers on the station, train back to leeds to ride home.

    it was a good day…. 8)


    pipiom ya ba***rd you could have at least lied a bit !!

    Premier Icon Tracey

    In the garage all day sorting out bits for Abigales new build


    Chocolate sauce Blade trail at Afan. Give it a few months to dry and bed in and this will be a MUST do trail. IMO

    Premier Icon kimbers

    all set for an early morning blast at aston,

    instead youngest had temperature and vomiting last night, we managed a walk to the park this afternoon!


    Gisburn !!!


    27 horribly hilly ayrshire miles. Lead laden legs.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Riding around Yair forest with the legendary GW :mrgreen:

    Premier Icon mcnultycop

    Lee and Cragg. One big fall. Enjoyed it. Need a new helmet though.


    Kirroughtree black. Sun shining all day. Trail mostly empty! Last run on the old bike 🙄


    Local yokel stuff for me today (the various mtb enclaves that exist in Charnwood). Loads of walkers, so didn’t do anything too cheeky, but had a great time sessioning some short fun bits and sliding it all over the shop – feet up. I love it when one particular corner makes me feel like a riding god two wheel drifting (despite the next one leaving me balled up behind a tree)!

    Premier Icon postierich

    A walk around Tarn Hows with family then liquid lunch @ the Drunken Duck topped off with a ride home days do not get any better than this 🙂

    Premier Icon roverpig

    Took the Five up Bennachie. The snow didn’t look too bad, but it was just deep enough to mean I was pushing most of the way up and all the way over the top. Fun coming down though 🙂


    Local loop up to Lyme Park, Disley and over to the Roman Lakes before heading back to Manchester. Been a while since I’ve been out and if I’m honest the last 45mins were a struggle. Great to be out though.

    Descent down Linnets Clough was ruined by guys on crossers coming up the other way though, bit disappointing, I was saving that one til the end.


    Dartmoor on the road bike. Fantastic day at long last and glad I chose Tarmac over mud, this time!


    I managed 6000 miles today and the sun shone the whole way.


    Just local stuff over the wyre, hoping it clears up for next two weeks as then I’m off for the week riding all over the place, i doubt it very much though! Was a stunning day for a ride and it was actually starting to dry in a few tiny places!

    Premier Icon househusband

    A 45km loop on my new cx bike; mix of road, gravel, singletrack and woodland – and the sun shone all day!


    In and around Sherwood Pines, Dryer than expected, Parts of the Red trail still closed, The damage that the fallen trees is insignificant to the damage caused by the Forestry Commission, clearing thus Tree,
    Not to worry, It was dry(ish) and sunny!

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    The lakes

    P1050411 by eastham_david, on Flickr

    Loch Leven and Lomond Hills going up steep way from Kinneswood. Then past Bishop Hill along the ridge and down into Glenvale. A perfect couple of hours in the sunshine. Top was frozen snow and mud and all rideable for a change.

    Premier Icon bruneep

    Minch Moor

    Premier Icon MartynS

    Short loop around Macc Forrest followed by a quick pit stop in Macc general A+E to get a flesh wound fettled

    Premier Icon downshep

    17 Mile loop around the Kilpatrick Hills this morning. There’s a new track between Loch Humphrey and the Lang Craigs climb I hadn’t ridden before. Also managed to time the ride to coincide with high tide on the Clyde, knee deep it was.

    Good few laps of Cathkin XC course.

    Was a good wee blast

    Premier Icon stu170

    Ladybower loop. Weather was fantastic and im riding well on the downs again. Shame I could climb anything well today. Too much beer recently I think


    Around the Clent Hills – a tad muddy!

    mini dh’ing. Fabulous day.


    Malverns with three buddies,top day followed by a couple in the nags head.



    Went out with friends for a very soggy/ snowy loop in Swaledale- Fremington edge over to Hurst- Back over to Arkengarthdale then a loop over the lead mines. Hard going in places but a great day out.
    The first of many training sessions for the Ard Rock Enduro event!


    Set out at 8:30. Witnessed the police sorting out a very recent car accident then two riders coming the other way hitting the deck all due to bad black ice.

    Went home – covered about 5 miles

    Jumped on Mountain bike to hear some really nasty noises. Jumped on second mountain bike, equally nasty.

    Replaced SS drive chain (a job I’ve been putting off for about 6 months) and sorted the rear mech on my other one.

    Then eventually did a 50 mile road ride this afternoon. It was lovely. Wish I’d been able to get out for longer.

    Noticed plenty of snowdrops in the verges – spring is coming!

    Premier Icon simmy

    Only got out about 2.15 as I’d a few bits to sort out at home and dogs to walk. Did 24 miles on the MTB just on the old railways and few farm tracks on the way back.

    It’s been a busy week with a couple of bad times so was nice to get out.

    Think I’ve pushed it a bit too much on the climbs being stubbon and refusing to gear down, legs are sore now.


    Took the Inbred out for a spin in the Manx hills this afternoon, pic taken at the summit of ‘South Barulle’…

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