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  • Where are all the end of season Hayter bargains?
  • Right,
    Just bought a new house with a reasonable sized patch of grass, well beyond the capabilities of our crappy Flymo.
    So I was expecting to find loads of shops selling off lawnmowers cheap to shift the stock before winter. But there’s very little to be found.
    Anyone recommend the CRC lawnmower equivalent?


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    Freecycle? Seem to be a few on the Nottingham list.



    When I worked in a big DIY store the best prices were all around Easter time as that was peak season. You’d rarely sell off anything unless told to by head office as the models don’t change much every year, especially the petrol models. A Hayter model is unlikely to be discounted I would have thought.
    I would say keep a look out in Jan/Feb as the mower displays are reinstated as the shops will get a better idea what they’ll be stocking in 2014 so anything no longer sold might have some money off then. I wouldn’t hold out too long though if you need one.


    Find your local Independent Retailer, my one does great deals on refurbished ones.


    F r Jones are good. Go for a Honda though, hayters suck.

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    ^ what he said. it’s all about the honda.


    Our hayter when it worked – cut much better than honda…..just never bloddy worked.

    Honda or kwacker/etasia here over hayter

    Go for a Honda though, hayters suck.

    That’s the thing though. I seem to remember that Hayters are made in the UK. The UK is declining rapidly and will soon pretty much just be a tourist destination for wealthy asians. Jobs going down the pan left right and centre. We barely have a future.

    It just seems totally wrong in that case to buy a mower made in the far east when some brave soul is struggling desperately to hold on to what remains of British industry.

    A sort of Tragedy of the Commons in reverse…

    Each individual who buys a Honda in preference to a Hayter is better off, but if we all buy a Honda in preference to a Hayter then pretty soon nobody in the country will be able to afford anything.


    Briggs and Stratton engines

    Headquartered in Milwaukee, USA.

    Oops. Sod that then. Honda it is.

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    Honda manufactures approximately 500 thousand lawnmowers per year in the United States, France, Australia, China and Italy…

    From Honda’s website.

    I’ve had a Honda for several years, and I like it a lot.

    Edit – read a little further…

    The lawnmowers sold in Japan are produced in the United States and France.



    I use mowers 3-4 hours a day. Had a hayter, hated it. Honda/kaaz/danarm all day long for roller mowers. Viking or Etesia for wheeled mowers.


    I bought a Kaaz for home use. Apparently a Japanese knock off of earlier Nonda’s when they were still doing proper ally decks and still with a brute of a Nonda motah. Very industrial and very reriable…..


    I’ve inherited a Hayter which is 15-20 years old and still going strong. When I was getting some spares, I had a look at the reviews of the new ones and couldn’t find anyone with anything good to say about them. Seems like they lost the plot at some point.

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