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  • Whens the last time you've broken something on the bike?
  • jimw

    The last thing I broke on a bike was me.
    Seem to make a habit of that

    Before that, a few years ago I broke three carbon Trek frames in a short space of time (four months)
    oh yes, just remembered, pushed a mech into a rear wheel getting too close to a rock at some speed. Wrote off a complete set of spokes and a rim, although wheel didn’t collapse on me at 20mph+ for which I am truly grateful. Thanks Mavic


    Broke the frame on my commuter around April this year, I was just riding along and totally destroyed the rear mech and non replaceable dropout.


    My Easton carbon seatpost snapped in two a couple of rides ago.
    Not to sure how it happened, as nothing particularly rad was happening.

    It was while up the hills a few miles from my house, one thing I realise now is christ it’s tiring cycling with no seat, I had to stop a couple of times going up some hills on the way back home.


    Does a chris king hub count? Broke it abou ta month ago, chunk snapped off the flange meaning two spokes were hanging loose.


    My son has just trashed his rear mech and discovered that his frame is cracked in the process…!

    Gutted πŸ™

    Van Halen

    Broke a frame earlier this year. Meta 4. Shouldn’t have jumped it to flat quite so much…

    I’m otherwise quite light on kit

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    Cracked a frame just over a year ago.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Put massive dents and cracks in two Mavic 721 rims yesterday…
    Worst of it is, it wasn’t my bike…. πŸ™„

    Premier Icon mcnultycop

    Cracked my Canyon. Not sure how.

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    Does a sprung rib and a Garmin screen count?


    As in a frame, forks, bars etc. Talking about a full on crack or break, not just wear and tear from general use. I remember back in the day you used to hear about people snapping forks the odd time, don’t seem to hear much of that kinda talk anymore. Are people becoming less rad? πŸ˜›

    I’ve cracked a freehub, but most like from general wear so doesn’t really count. I can’t think of much else! πŸ˜•


    A thrown up rock bent a brand new outer ring about six months ago,cracked a plastic Speedplay pedal body with a rock strike about a year back,probably another ten years back to my next previous breakage of a spoke. Worn out absolute shedloads of gear in that time though.

    The bottom3 gears on my SLX cassette sheared off the alloy carrier. It wasn’t even that worn.


    Half a dozen cracks in the rear rim on my Rocket. Want to see how long it lasts before it actually gives up the ghost.

    Cracked the stem and the carbon steerer on my roadie a month or so back. (probably shouldn’t treat the speedbumps on the way down the hill as kickers at 30+mph )

    Premier Icon paulthearcher

    in the last 16 months, 3 no frames – zesty carbon, 2 cracked, 1 cable rubbed right through.
    broke fork brace on fox floats 32, repaired under warrenty
    rear hub disintegrated on easton xct 70 rear wheel
    couple of rear mechs 1 xtr 1 slx

    Now have stopped breaking bike, now breaking myself just about bike fit after fracturing wrist!

    My cove hummer cracked on Sunday round the seat tube… And this is the warranty replacement from when the last one cracked in the same place πŸ™

    Here we go…

    In two years I’ve broken the following:

    2 x chain stays (cracked) 1 on my voodoo bokor frame and one on my spesh stumpy evo
    1 x seat stay (cracked) stump evo again
    2 bent zee mechs
    Snapped 2 chains
    1 x x9 clutch mech
    One rear rim trashed and loads of spokes broken
    Brake hose split
    X7 shifter
    2 x chain devices – truvativ one and the other one that looks like it but just a top mount
    Single chain ring


    Annoyingly I usually break myself and the bike ends up without a scratch πŸ˜†

    But on my last crash I managed to turn an xt crank arm into a banana.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    I’ve not broken any frames since I stopped buying Ti ones. πŸ™‚
    Thought before I stopped buying Ti frame I broke quite a few. πŸ˜₯
    Had to send a few forks back for creaky crowns though…


    Cracked a Hope DH stem somehow as my gnaar is far from rad.
    As it was a few years old I didn’t check the “legendary customer service” just bought a Thomson.

    Other than that nothing other than bits wearing out.


    A trusty old merlin malt 1 frame cracked round the seat tube after many many years of use and abuse….alas the very leightweight kenesis made frame is no longer available…..it made a brilliant ultra light SS.
    Before that was an exploding HopePro 2 hub shell.

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    Snapped a carbon road frame in February, had a rear mech disintegrate and completely disappear from my big bike last year – never found the remains!

    Premier Icon kayak23

    New Pikes. The tiny top out clunk turned into massive clunk.


    Bent the bars on my Stanton when I binned it a few months ago.

    The rear wheel on my Rune is pretty dead…the rim is flat spotted and the aluminium is creased / rippled on the worst one. I’ve pulled the worst of the dings out.


    Some impressive lists here! πŸ˜†


    Pringled my rear stan’s flow ex in morzine in July.

    3 yrs ago I broke 3 xo rear mechs in 5 weeks !! Mostly in granny ring while climbing ( chain length fail).
    I learned when I broke the third that if you have 3 broken rear mechs all the same you can if your lucky strips them and make a new one from the bits. So not a total waste then 80

    Premier Icon somafunk

    Last week i broke my Ultegra rear mech, hope jockey wheels, Ultegra front mech, Dura ace chain, Ultegra cassette and fubard every drive side spoke on my new Kinesis CX wheels after bunny hopping a pheasant that ran out in from of me when i was barreling down a hill, upon landing the chain jumped and threw itself off and locked up the rear wheel and also left a huge flat spot on a new Clement 40mm X’Plor Mso tyre.

    Previous to this i had never broke a mech in 25+ years of riding 😐


    Dunno how?, but it pulled the front mech round the down tube, broke the bolt and cracked the mech cage along with finally bending the clamp.

    Can it get any worse?

    Yes it can….

    One week old cassette and chain – fubard!

    On a plus note the mech hanger was perfectly alright.


    In the last year.
    1 frame
    1 mech hanger
    2 chains
    2 mechs
    Tons of grips
    Chain guide
    1 pedal

    Gets expensive

    XTR clutch mech, thank you Cannock
    XT clutch mech, thank you stupid double on Discovery in Friston
    Giro Xen, Thank you stupid low branch Friston
    Will to ride anywhere else, thank you Dartmoor!


    Just over 3 weeks ago I ended up in a ditch (luckily a soft one) as 2 of my stem bolts on the commuter decided to shear their heads off. Couldn’t reach the brakes after that, didn’t realise the bars were still attached in any way to the bike(lower 2 bolts stayed intact)

    Before that if we’re limiting ourselves to JRA, over the past 5-6 years I’ve snapped a 3 month old ti frame, an ancient and very light/skinny steel frame, a bottom bracket, found a crack all the way around a rim halfway up the braking surface, snapped a set of (road) handlebars, found small cracks in an alu frame, and probably a few other things. And then there’s the things that bent when I actually crashed them and snapped spokes etc (lost count of the number of times I’ve ridden a 31 spoke wheel on the commuter).

    Oh yeah and a few chains. None (touch wood) since I put KMC on all my bikes though.

    Premier Icon twonks

    5 minutes ago I broke a RS 15mm Maxle which took a chunk out of the webbing between my left thumb and finger.

    Damn thing. (and rather expensive as I just found out)


    My wife’s ribs, when I assured her that she should ride the Les Gets 4 Cross. We spent much of yesterday afternoon in A+E πŸ™


    Since moving to a shiny new carbon 29er last December:
    chain in 2 places (second ride)
    2 rear hubs
    + usual wear and tear items (tires and cables)


    Cracked my Lynskey back in March, still ride it most days as the crack isn’t growing too much πŸ˜€

    Premier Icon HansRey

    a couple of weeks ago, i broke a pedal on a rental bike.

    I suspect i may have broken my forks on my HT. Can’t bear the thought of having to replace those, so i havent check!


    Broken something? Hmm very rarely break anything. Have had stuff break jra but breaking stuff by gnar or misuse or accident…nope

    Quite a contrast to the BIL who finds it impossible to ride a single lap of Cannock without breaking something. Sometimes I’d like to swap brains so I could understand just WTF he is doing

    Premier Icon D0NK

    Cracked an RM ETSX last year, but as LBS said they couldn’t believe it had lasted so long I think it was on borrowed time anyway (all the others they sold snapped aaaages ago). 2010 I snapped an xc120, bloody loved that frame too. Have also snapped a handlebar, a seatpost, a crank, a both rails on a saddle and a fork stanchion but it was stuff from the 90s where they possibly tried to add too much lightness (or were just a bit shit). Mostly wear and tear lately rather than catastrophic failure…
    manically searches office for wooden object
    I know my 6yo RS revs feel pretty damn lumpy, structurally intact tho. Is it me or do jockey wheels not seem to last long nowadays?

    Premier Icon sneakyg4

    Discovered a crack on my five’s swingarm last week, now idea how or when I did it; it had been creaking for a while, I had assumed the Bottom Bracket was on the way out, glad I found it before it failed totally.

    Annoying thing was I had sold it already, discovered the crack when stripping it for the new owner, looked like it has been there a while.

    Will hang it on the shed wall I suppose, not really cost effective to get fixed, long out of warranty.

    Moved on to a Horsethief, it makes me smile.


    Pretty much broken everything on a bike in the last 20 years, but the last 12 months have been kind to me

    2 rims, 2 rear mechs, 2 reverbs, a couple of tyres and a SS chain tensioner

    My bikes are now built bombproof to ward of failures and i think i’m riding a bit smoother now – plus – i didn’t go to the Alps this year…

    Back in my Lapierre days it was a constant barrage of failures!


    Ultegra rear mech went into my Ksyrium Elite. Didn’t brake a spoke. This was doing 27mph off the front of the bunch in a race. How I skidded the bike around the corner and stayed up, i’ll never know!

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