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  • When your mates missus is…..
  • Premier Icon mattyfez
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    Where I assume the latter, is it actually dysfunctional under the public veneer and they are being kept from riding?

    I think it’s healthy to have different friends and different hobbies, as long as there is equal trust in the relationship it will never be an issue.

    But if there’s any hint of distrust, that will poison everything from the ground up.

    Premier Icon RustyNissanPrairie
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    Lost my best mate to his woman.

    He was seeing her on the side – a proper bunny boiler but a real ‘mucky un’.

    Mate asked us who he should be with – his actual partner or the bit on the side. He went with the bit on the side. Was his best man at the worst wedding I’ve ever been to, we made our peace with her as she made our mate happy so that was the main thing.

    Not seen him for 15years till he turned up one day unannounced with the two most obnoxious children in tow. Wifey was now vegan so he was escaping for a steak. Life has moved on and I told him as much.

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    My mate’s wife is a dick. But she thinks I’m a dick, so it balances out and we just pretty much avoid each other. I’ve opened a new front though, by convincing their kid that I’m awesome so now she’s outnumbered.

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    Every time a member splits with a partner I can tell a good ride is coming up

    That’s called the rebound. Also, my best mate isn’t that good a friend.

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    My best mate ended up going out with a proper poisonous nutjob. She alienated his mates, family, just about everyone. It was up to me to tell him. And I did.

    Lost him as a mate for a good few years and I’m pretty sure she was behind some poisonous, pretty libellous letters sent to my now wife about me.

    We got back to normal after they broke up but it was rough then.

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    I have been on the other side of it, back in my early 20s I was that toxic person.

    Only child, and a rich kid, so didn’t think I needed to work, ultimately I realised I was carrying a load of divorced parent baggage around with me.

    I was with a girl, actually a series of girls, but one in particular that I treated like garbage. Everyone around me could see it, but I didn’t.

    Eventually she saw the light and got rid of me in a highly public and hurtful way, I completely deserved it. At the same time the rest of the friend group basically ghosted me (I never knew if it was intentional or not.) Again, I absolutely deserved it.

    In hindsight, it was the best thing, I needed the wake-up call, after a period of depression, I got on with life, moved towns and treated people a lot better.

    I carried the regret around with me for a long time. I lost people that would have been lifelong friends. But the lessons learned set me up for life.

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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