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  • jedi

    a drop requires air time vertically. or its a roll down 🙂


    a drop requires air time vertically

    And surely you have to land lower then where you took off, otherwise its a jump..?

    Premier Icon pypdjl

    When I say 1ft drop I think of something knee height then a transition after that,

    Do you have very short shins?

    a drop requires air time vertically. or its a roll down

    surely you can get air time off most roll downs ? so does that mean that a drop is defined by what you do with it rather than what it is ?


    surely you can get air time off most roll downs ?

    Equally, you can roll a double or a tabletop as opposed to jumping it. Its about how you ride it.


    standard thing though, everyone always wants to quantify everything far to much, especially with heights etc

    How are you measuring them?

    When I say 1ft drop I think of something knee height then a transition after that,

    But then whilst riding at Swinley a guy following me commented on "how nice those drop-offs were" to which I must have looked a little puzzled.

    Basicly the trail drops down a moderate slope in an almost straight line with a gully down the middle and 2 alternative lines on each side. Both of which end (if your going quick) in a "drop-off" spitting you into the gully.

    Its maybe 8" to a foot of "drop", with probably a comparable ammount before if you pre-jump it and maybe the same afterwards (or significantly more probably for the front wheel if you landing both wheeels together).

    To me it had barely registered, and if anyone asked, I'd say I can't ride drops for toffee (its only a foot and could be rolled, so I wouldn't count it as a 'drop off' just something thats quicker to pre jump)

    Am I more RAD TO THE MAX CORE than I give myself credit for?


    Im trying to picture where abouts in Swinley you are talking about.


    Most probably area next (slope) to Labirynth, most rad bikers do drops there? Or so, I thought.


    I know what you mean. Take something like the last bridge on the Cwmcarn DH . I can land 6 feet lower than where I took off (on a good day). But it does not seem like a long drop because the slope goes with you.

    Compare it to the road drop. If you measure it its only 1-2 feet but I still can't bring myself to do it.

    Think it's called rollercoaster, goes round the back of the resevoir, if your at the top of labarynth head back down the wall, up the far side (past the drops on your right) and allong to the top of the hill, turn left through a gap in the trees/fence and follow the trail ahead and to the right. Lots of pumpy bits and small doubles before it drops down to the bit I'm thinking of, ends in a 90deg corner and back through the fence, turn right and climb up the hill and and your ar jump gulley (I think, I get lost at that point quite often).

    short shins

    no I'm just rubbish at scaleing things 🙂

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    a drop is something that has to be ridden as a drop – no choice about it.

    yes, you can get airtime if you boost of a fade, but that's not a drop, that's boosting off a fade.

    a step is a mini-drop that can be bumped down.

    as for measuring a drop, you get to choose whether you measure the vertical face, or the distance you drop before landing on the transition.

    i have spoken, those are the rules…


    drops are measure to the minimum landing point 🙂


    so would a non dropped kerb be classed as a drop? cos i iz rad to the max at dropping off them.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    gnar unless you can measure them in multiples of people it's no rad drop man, sick
    the other guy was probably just super stoked to be feeding off your lines


    It's teh internet, so it's at least 15ft.

    I still remember Spunky doing a 20ft huck in Cannock Chase, yet the highest point in the Chase is only 12ft above sea level.

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