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  • loddrik

    So the wife got rushed in to hospital last night and is awaiting tests now. Got me thinking I’ve not really had much hospital time, last time was February before last after I dislocated my shoulder at CyB (still bloomin hurts too) though I was only in overnight.

    When were you last in and what for?

    Premier Icon ton

    a month or so ago.

    my ticker.

    Broken collar bone, which severed the nerve to my arm leaving it almost completely paralized, followed by 2.5 years of regular visits to various hospitals. Not been back since Feb 2009, well not for myself anyway.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    For me – 8 years ago when I broke my hip learning how not to jump on a bicycle and then again 2 years later to have the metalwork removed.


    june this year, snapped my radius, dislocated wrist, had to have surgery to re-aline it, it hurts now still alot


    Not since I was 7, which isn’t bad considering I’m 38 now.

    I’m here, right now. Was yesterday and will be tomorrow.
    With my own office with my name on the door.

    Premier Icon Woody

    0530 this morning. I get paid to take people there 😉

    Premier Icon paulosoxo

    In now. Guillian Barre syndrome. Been here 8 weeks.


    it was Jan 2009 when I did this,
    sliced through my tendons and my thumb/my hand was out of action for 12 weeks, took much longer for it to fully recover though

    DSC01764 by me, on Flickr

    Premier Icon D0NK

    quite a lot last couple of years due to family tho, I wasn’t being treated. A&E for badly sprained ankle 3/4yrs ago, quite a few more A&E before that, my one and only overnight was when I was sucker punched at school, knocked dizzy/senseless (not out), short term amnesia, woke up/came round in hospital.


    Almost two years ago. The night before New Year’s Eve, fettling a light mount for my son’s bike. I remember thinking ‘I should really clamp this down before cutting a notch in it with a pen knife’, followed by ‘nah, that’s too much faff, I’ll be allright’.

    I spent all of New Years Eve daytime in hospital having a tendon in index finger stitched back together. Well, waiting for surgery most the day and then waiting to get my belongings back from a locker that no nurse could seem to find a key for.

    I seem to remember having little/no painkillers other than the large amount of whisky that I celebrated the New Year with that evening.


    Last Tuesday. Bi-monthly appointment with The Thought Police but that’s boring stuff.
    Actual one off incident/accident type thing? Early September. I was rammed into the side of a bus by a road raging Mondeo driver. Lots of bruises but no bones broken.


    Four years ago in Basildon hospital for one night, having my thumb wired and pinned back onto my hand, the human excrement smeared up the wall and ants everywhere was shocking, filthy place it was, no wonder people were dropping dead in there

    Almost two weeks ago – achilles tendon repair. Lovely. Fab staff, couldn’t wait to get out!

    Premier Icon D0NK

    Lots of bruises but no bones broken.

    eek, how was the bike? did the driver get nailed?


    Just got back from there.
    I’m not keen on hospitals generally. Everyone always looks ill. Cheer up you miserable feckers, you’ve still got your health.


    As an in-patient, never. As an out-patient about four years ago for an MRI scan.

    Today : MRI scan


    maybe 6-7 years ago, after a hot marin rough ride. my kidneys failed due to extreme dehydration. adrenaline injection and 24 hours on a drip fixed me. still don’t really know why it happened but suspect i was probably ill in some way before the event. i don’t bother with very long rides any more having decided its not really good for me.

    Premier Icon bakey

    About a month ago: Sepsis and pneumonia 😯

    Much better now though 🙂

    Monday: at work.

    Last time for my own welfare would have been about 8 years ago for broken elbow, worst bike injury, sustained on nice friendly tarmac cycling past the Lord Louis ‘pub’ near Newnham Park if you know it. (If you don’t, don’t bother).

    I did get a ride in the St John Retromobile (actually rather ace) at an xc race in May when i messed up a cheeky line and binned it onto my rotator cuff, but I avoided a formal hospital in my treatment/recovery.


    october – straight after relentless

    in the middle of the race my middle finger on the left hand went septic ….

    painful as **** when shifting gears !


    I work here, but I’ve never been an inpatient


    Few weeks ago after coming off my bike. Loads of gravel in a long gash on my left arm. Flushed out in A&E. Still a bit Scabby now


    Last week saying goodbye to a friend…… 🙁

    Premier Icon swavis

    Last Friday, taking my girlfriend and 1 day old son home 😀


    6 weeks ago, arthroscopy.

    In next week for a meeting with a specialist (had to cancel 5 times due to the weather)

    Premier Icon nuke

    About 7 years ago to have an abscess removed from my lower back…the hole left was apparently the size of an apple and had to be packed every day for weeks. Never saw the hole but, after a quick Google image search, I’m glad I couldn’t!


    Bike officialy written off – dent in down tube, lots of bent and broken parts as well.
    Driver going to Crown Court – too big for Magistrates Court.


    In April 2000 I spent 4 weeks in the hospital with a comminuted fracture of the left distal tibia – yep, 25 fractures in a piece of my tibia about 1″ long, just above the ankle. And I broke my fibula too, but apparently that doesn’t matter so it was ignored.

    4 operations and 1 Ilizarov device fitting later I finally escaped once I’d proved I could walk up a flight of stairs on crutches. Just the act of swinging your legs over the side of the bed after nearly 4 weeks supine was an effort.

    5 months later and I was back on two feet without the scaffolding attached.

    My left leg is still sore.

    3 weeks ago after doing something to my ankle. Practically crawled into the loacl Walk in centre where the nurse took one look at my ankle and told be to ‘go to A&E now’ as she was pretty sure that I’d cracked something.

    Once at A&E, they took one look at my ankle and said go home – couple of days to a couple of weeks to heal.

    3 weeks later and I still can’t flippin’ walk properly 🙁


    June last year, stabbed myself in the forearm with a bread knife with two pointy tips. Had to wrench it back out of the bone that it was stuck in so I could drive to hospital as it caught on the handbrake while changing gear.

    About this time last year I spent a week in a hospital in marrakech after a NDE (it seemed like it anyway)


    44 years old and never been hospital in overnight – last visit was 2 years ago when I used an electric plane on my hand….

    Premier Icon doom_mountain

    About a year ago, snapped my funny bone clean off, whilst gooning about at Llandegla, bike was fine.
    Lovely nurses at Wrexham hospital.


    My curiosity got the better of me and I Googled Guillian Barre syndrome.
    YIKES! Get well soon Paul.

    About 18 years ago – having wisdom teeth removed – had two nights in. In fact I have never been in hospital overnight for ‘real’ problems – I elected to be in inpatient for the wisdom teeth as they could do all four at once rather than have two trips to the dentist on local anaesthetic.

    Last week I was in with one of my daughters (chest infection) and going again tonight to see my mum who is having biopsies done on lymph nodes and lungs for suspected cancers 🙁


    In A & E from when i was hit by an un-insured driver whilst commuting in london, March 2004. Broke both elbows and a bone in my hand. Ambulance didn’t think it was serious and said it was fine to cycle the rest of the way to work (about 2 1/2 miles)…. Police weren’t bothered either, and didn’t think it was in there interest to pursue the driver!!!

    Then two operations in the early part of 2007 to fix one of the elbows and shoulder i damaged in the accident…

    Thankfully haven’t been in since (was quite a bad start to 2004, i already had a broken ankle when i got hit by the car, didn’t realise at the time, plus 4 different hospitals in the Jan of that year for a suspected detached retina)

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Nov 5th this year for the snip. Won’t be having it again.

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