when was the last time you had a proper hangover ?

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  • when was the last time you had a proper hangover ?
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    following on from my reply in the drunk thread, that would be new year’s day 1989 then!



    Enough of one to make me cancel the alarm clock and ignore the fact I was due to be competing in an Olympic distance triathlon.


    Honestly don’t remember, I learned several years ago that anything more than two pints is ill-advised – I now occasionally risk a third, it’s been several years since I have a hangover. The last one I definitely remember was the day I left London which is about 14 years ago – I had 8 pints of Stella, each with a TVR “chaser” and I spent the whole of the next day (including a train from London to Stockport in First Class) curled into a ball and sweating.


    Sunday. Missed SkyRide Birmingham. 🙁

    Not this weekend, but the weekend previous, I went to an old friends wedding in London~ after dancing like a man possessed all night, I woke up in the morning with a stinking hangover and a black eye, but my troubles were far from over…

    I’d stayed with a friend in a hotel near docklands and after a hearty cooked breakfast, we parted company and then my adventure began…

    My car and clothes other than the (now sweat soaked) tux I was wearing were at another friends in Ealing: on a normal day, this wouldn’t have been an issue, what with the ample public transport; however, the fates were conspiring against me and having laboured my limited intellect to buy a ticket from the machine in East India DLR station, I then discovered that the station was shut due to engineering works.

    Having danced with such vigour, I was struggling to walk as my muscles were really not happy at their additional workload and were attempting industrial action; nonetheless, with grit, determination and regular checks on google maps, I hobbled a mile or so to the nearest tube station. Thankfully, this was open, but due to further engineering works, I would have to change to come at Ealing Broadway from a different angle.

    After yet more grimacing from traversing the huge tunnel network at Bank station, once I was on the train that should’ve taken me safely to my destination, it was announced there was a points problem and all trains would now be diverted to Richmond.

    I eventually made it to South Ealing and another long walk, arriving at my friends house just as they were going out, so immediately drove for 5 hours back to deep dark Wales.

    That my friends is a proper hangover.

    (I actually quite enjoyed it though, being in a state where you struggle to GAF, making eyes at folks on the tube with a black eye and a tux gets some quality responses)

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge

    First morning of our riviera bike trip in July. I was honking over the bridge next to the hotel 10 minutes before we left for our first ride, still didn’t manage lunch at 2pm (I wasn’t the worst, Yokaiser lay down for the whole lunch time!) but it was bad, possibly worst hangover I’ve ever had. Schoolboy error, I know.

    Climbing for over an hour in 30 degree heat didn’t help much either….

    Premier Icon boltonjon

    Have one or two ‘mother of all hangovers’ every year

    Last one was driving home from Brighton the morning after the ‘Spin Up in a Brewery’ event (thanks Darkstar & Kenesis :))

    I had to stop the car just leaving Brighton so I could lie down in a field for half an hour

    Then, 3 miles up the road, had to rapidly pull of the dual carriageway, find somewhere to stop and had a 3 hour sleep by the side of the road

    The dangers of free ale for an afternoon followed by copious amounts of rum and cheap red wine in various haunts around Brighton

    It was brutal!


    If I drink wine or lager in pubs

    I seem to be on a run of free ones at the moment. At 42, I regularly court the hangover once I’m over 6 pints. Still getting away with it!! Lord knows why.

    Premier Icon iainc

    following the proper drunk thread….

    I suspect a lot more of us have had more frequent hangovers than been in the proper drunk category.

    So hangovers then ? Last Sat for me, after most of a bottle of wine Fri night, post ride. First few hrs of Sat were definately a bit squiffy and headache till midday

    Premier Icon iainc

    i think the worst ones are when you miss a good bike ride as a result. I tend to now plan any nights out involving drinking around rides, to avoid the risk

    Premier Icon tomtomthepipersson

    A couple of weeks ago a after a wedding.

    3 or 4 glasses of champagne followed by a couple of bottles of red wine (and my body weight in onion bhajis). I felt a little fragile the next day.

    I’ve not eaten a bhaji since.

    My fortieth birthday celebrations provoked the worst hangover I’ve had since I ‘grew up’. A night in the now defunct Frog And Frigate in Southampton drinking copious quantities of Newkie Brown whilst dancing on tables to Derek playing guitar and singing cheesy classics.
    I eventually got home at 5am (ish) and after a few minutes in bed failed to notice I had rolled over onto the cat. Cue a kick from wifey.
    In the morning wifey had a bit of a shout at me for something. She gave it her best shot but when I still didn’t respond she started to feel sorry for me but had to go to work. Later on I got up and decided to walk to the local shop to clear my head. I only made about 20 yards before I was violently sick over my neighbour’s fence in broad daylight.

    It’s my fiftieth next year. I am already a little worried.


    Can’t remember. It’s not that I don’t drink, I just don’t drink enough to get a hangover.

    I’m usually ready to sleep after three or at most four pints

    Premier Icon cheshirecat

    About a year ago. I’d forgotten just how nasty they were after 10+ years without one. Never again.

    Worst one was 25 years ago at uni, proper drunk. My girlfriend at the time held the bucket for me to vomit into, and after that I knew she had to be the one. We’ve been married for nearly 20 years 🙂


    baby – Member


    Enough of one to make me cancel the alarm clock and ignore the fact I was due to be competing in an Olympic distance triathlon.

    You were on the piss the night before a triathlon?? 😯


    Many, many years ago. At a guess I’d say about 18-19 years ago.

    I still like a good drink but I usually know when to stop nowadays. One of the great advantages of getting older.

    You were on the piss the night before a triathlon??

    It was only Olympic distance.


    The morning after the first night of my stag do weekend; so first Saturday morning of June, I think.

    First beer with lunch, then a bit of a break while everyone turned up, we got the shopping for the weekend sorted, had a ‘how to drive the boat tutorial (we hired a boat on the Norfolk broads).
    Then once we were underway, we cracked open the beers and sailed to our first stop; a pub about 45 mins away. Stayed in there drinking all evening and then back to the boat for some drinking games. As it was a boating themed weekend, the ‘punsishment booze’ was a nice bottle of port, which I drank about half of before yacking it up about 40 mins later.
    Felt rubbish the next morning, but the boys cooked a fry-up and we were back on it by about 11am I think. Stopped for lunch at a pub and met a group of ‘hens’ who did my ‘Jack Sparrow’ make up for me to go with mt pirates outfit. We interrupted their ‘make a playdoh willy’ competition and I got to join in, but I had to make a playdoh beaver. I think they were all impressed with the anatomically correct nature of my sculpture…..


    Couple of weekends ago after a particularly grotty pub crawl. Before that it was on holiday in Kavos, a whole week of constantly feeling exhausted, drunk, hungover or all of them.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    This morning? Conference dinner after 3 days on my feet running the stand. Always forget that the portions are small at these things…
    Couple that with being on a table with 10 nurses and a very free bar then some post event networking with the ceo I deserved it.
    No option to roll over this morning as I was hosting a workshop, presenting and chairing a session.

    Premier Icon kcal

    not last time, but most unfortunate was definitely while out in Osaka, pub crawl followed by back to hotel, I even managed to get a couple hours kip, wake up, phone the wife to say I was heading home, checked out, found a bus to the airport.

    Felt vile on the bus, luckily eventually fell asleep. Got off bus. Felt vile again. Curled up on bench at hotel, to be woken by my immediate boss and the Japanese company chief. Ooops. Must have been quite a sight, but nothing was ever said as I breathed beer, gin, shochi and whisky fumes over them..

    Premier Icon senor j

    I also normally limit myself to two pints these days – three if it’s a really nice pint, so rarely get hungover.
    May 31 2013 was a bad one .
    I had a pass to stay out and go dancing at Primavera festival in Porto.
    Consumed beer , wine ,port , vodka and several expressos….
    I can remember the Breeders & Dead Can Dance.After that , nothing. 😀
    Li’l J (baby) took the drunk, then hungover experience to a whole new level at 6.30 am!


    About 2 weeks ago. A 2 day one. Very bad.

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