When to change the chain ?? .75 or 1.0

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  • When to change the chain ?? .75 or 1.0
  • blastit

    As 11 speed cassette and chain rings are a bit pricey and made from in part Aluminium so less durable so was wondering what’s best for long life on the cheap.   So when do you change yours and what sort of life do you get.

    Cheers Si

    In between works for me. 0.75 is a warning and I try To change the chain when the checker drops about halfway down the .75 side. Chainring wear has been fine and never get a slipping chain on the cassette.

    Premier Icon sam_underhill

    0.75 for sram stuff as the cassettes are so expensive and I don’t want to ruin it too early. I tend to let shimano chains get to 1.0.

    I also run at least a 2 or 3 chain swapping system as well to get extra life.


    When the chain snaps? 😀

    Premier Icon tthew

    Yeah, that’s my strategy. I used to change them preventively, bit found that cassette and chainrings needed changing after 3 chains. Run it all until completely shagged nowadays, lasts yonks.


    To be fair I just slung a new cassette and chain on when my FS hit 2500km as the chain was stretched beyond fitting a new one.

    To be fair I think that’s almost as economical on an XT set up.

    Didn’t bother with the XT chain ring as the teeth were fine and they still are at 4000km, so I reckon that’s go another 2-3000km in it.


    I can only dream of that sort of life Steve, I get about 800 mile before chain needs changing , will be all off road and 130,000ft of climbing .


    I normally change as soon as it gets to .75mm.

    I left my CX too long I had to change everything won’t make the same mistake again 😀.    If I had new everything was going to be that worn in the Cx I would have just put old chain back on and used it till it was totally knackered.

    I get around 1000 miles out of a chain and normally clean it after every ride.

    Premier Icon iainc

    I thought the advice for 11 speed was 0.5 % ?

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