When the credit crunch is over?

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  • When the credit crunch is over?
  • JoeBones

    Can someone please kill Robert Peston?

    He is without a doubt the most annoying doom and gloom monger I have ever heard in the modern media.


    I am not interested in how right or wrong he has been, his annoyance takes over all of these!


    I like his blog, it’s pretty informative isn’t it?


    Sh*t-stirring son-of-a-Labour-peer (so you do wonder how he finds stuff out…)

    Premier Icon Stoner

    speaking of cretins, I see Gordon has finally had to concede that charging banks 12% dividend on their pref shares whilst base rates plummet towards 1% and at the same time demanding that they extend as much credit as they did in 2007 didnt really make for a viable business model.


    grade A d***-head, shouldnt be allowed to run a childrens birthday party, let alone a tanking economy! 🙂

    Well pointed out, Jimbo….


    Gordon Brown is dooing an excellent job, given the circumstances, Robert blody Peston is even more annoying than that blokeoff BM, doom and gloom all the time.

    What do people want Jim`ll fix it,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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